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Anyone following Wildstar will probably be interested to know that it looks like you will be able to guarantee your access to future beta weekends when preorders open shortly. Provided this is accurate, pre-purchasing players should receive access to the beta weekends leading up to release, a 3 day head start, exclusive rocket horse(probably a mount), a housing trophy, storage bag and "more". From what I have seen on this game in different streams, it seems to be shaping up quite nicely.


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wouldn't normally self bump, but they have opened floodgates, NDA is lifted and preorder details available here!

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My wife will literally squee herself to death. She's been obsessing over WildStar for about 6 months now and every time there is a beta giveaway, she's really disappointed when she can't get one.

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NDA off so.. here :)

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it's about time

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I'm glad NDA has lifted, from my brief experience in the past few beta weekends I can say without hesitation that i thought Wildstar did so many thing phenomenally well. This is what it looks like when you take that attention to all the little details including sound design with a goal of creating a strong compelling world for players. This is definitely one of the strongest mmos to watch this year.

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Preorders are now live! I'm a MMO junky, so I just decided to preorder the digital collector's edition. Looks like the first beta weekend is THIS weekend for us preorder folks.

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For those on fence, this beta weekend has a large supply of beta keys floating about compared to previous opportunities, I know that curse gaming had some yesterday, but looks like destructoid has roughly 4k keys going live in about an hour and 45 mins. This is of course a non issue if you preorder since all beta weekends are available at that point. See ya guys in the nexus :-)

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Surprised at all the positive word of mouth so far in here. Everything I had heard up till now said that the questing in that game was boring as mud. I absolutely loved the trailers they did for this game as they had so much great humor, story, and top quality animation to them, but every time I seen the gameplay it just looked like generic wow go here kill x rinse repeat stuff with none of the above mentioned that the trailers had. I hope I can get into the beta to try it myself. Since City of Heroes died I have been on the prowl for a new MMO that's fun to play, but so far I have come up with nothing. Since no one seems to like giving away trials anymore getting into a beta weekend just before release is my only chance to see the game for myself.

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People who pre-order get a 2 codes for friends (like 7 day pass or something). If you don't get in a beta... bug a friend.

sadly, i was to lazy to level to 50 to see end game, but it is there (unlike some other MMO launches). It is my summer game :)

still strange that few ppl here at GB seem to know about this game.

Maybe @rorie will try it as he cancelled his WoW account? Anyone bug him yet?

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@zurv: I tried the beta very briefly but it didn't really grab me. I guess I'll wait until it gets closer to launch. But I doubt I'll actually subscribe to another MMO until Warlords of Draenor comes out.

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when did you try it? it was a very different game from this time last year, also the beta weekends where different than the full game (or were) - which isn't the case anymore.

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Skullmonkey corpse!