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#1 Posted by Aegon (5754 posts) -

Trains, Farming, Flying...and now, wood cutting! This should be the GB squad's first bullet on the 2013 to-do list.

#2 Edited by AndrewB (7686 posts) -

Are those woodcutting motions 1-to-1? DAMN!

Wow... if a tree falls in a game, does it make a noise? Apparently not in this one.

#3 Posted by Rasmoss (462 posts) -

This needs to happen.

#4 Posted by Petiew (1354 posts) -

My friend bought me Wood Cutter Sim 2011 last Christmas. Unfortunately it wouldn't install on my computer, so I would like Giantbomb to show me what I am missing with the most up to date version.

#5 Posted by Rasmoss (462 posts) -

We need more 1 to 1 video game recreations of the most tedious things you can do in real life.

#6 Posted by aquamarin (555 posts) -

It looks like they need to bring in Platinum to make a game out of this.

#7 Posted by Robinson (174 posts) -

oh god, yes please!

#8 Posted by MikeFightNight (1117 posts) -

Metal Gear Rising could learn a thing or two from that cutting tech. I hope they have enugh time to license it out.

#9 Posted by NegativeCero (3024 posts) -

I'm amazed there is a market (presumably) for this. It seems terribly boring.

#10 Posted by david3cm (635 posts) -

Wow, that would totally pinch that guys blade, poor technique.

#11 Posted by VisariLoyalist (2998 posts) -

@NegativeCero said:

I'm amazed there is a market (presumably) for this. It seems terribly boring.

it's for all those out of work woodcutters that have to resort to virtual log splitting for their jollies.

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#14 Posted by Gunslinger0130 (227 posts) -

I support this idea.

#15 Posted by D_Mac (136 posts) -

I feel like this could become it's own feature: The Giantbomb Sim-tacular!

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In all seriousness, though... I really wish that branches would just eject themselves from the tree every time like that when I cut down a tree. It would be both awesome AND convenient.

#17 Posted by BBAlpert (1553 posts) -

@SerHulse said:

There needs to be another semi-regular series on Giant Bomb, where the crew plays one of these, things.

There's plenty to choose from as well.

They'd be set for life!

Drew, Vinny, and Dave in Simulation Stimulation.

Either them or a Jeff's room stream. As mediocre as the actual game was, I watched all 4 hours of his Funky Barn stream, and could probably have watched more.

#18 Posted by totheteeth (28 posts) -

I would like to see if the racing wheel would steer footsteps in this game as well.

#19 Posted by NFXFSX (16 posts) -
#20 Posted by SamuraiGarrin (77 posts) -

So this game was just released on Steam, along with another sim by the same company: Airport Simulator 2014. Is it time to beat the Quick Look drums for this one again?

#21 Posted by RawknRo11a (568 posts) -

it would make an awfully great Christmas Present for us duders...

#22 Edited by Petiew (1354 posts) -

@petiew said:

My friend bought me Wood Cutter Sim 2011 last Christmas. Unfortunately it wouldn't install on my computer, so I would like Giantbomb to show me what I am missing with the most up to date version.

Come on Giantbomb!

#23 Posted by MachoFantastico (4855 posts) -

That was riveting!

#24 Posted by MachoFantastico (4855 posts) -

How about a simulation segment on Unprofessional Fridays once in a while?

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This "game" looks like a college project

#26 Posted by Scampbell (499 posts) -

That is one hell of a chainsaw.

#27 Posted by Godmil (153 posts) -

Vinny doing Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Bus Simulator, have been some of the funniest moments on the site.

As soon as I saw this on steam I was begging for a Quick Look.

#28 Posted by afabs515 (1256 posts) -

Oh boy...

#29 Edited by DwigtK (253 posts) -

I'll add my vote, I would love to see Vinny play this.

#30 Posted by AWalczak08 (29 posts) -

Holy hell it would be amazing to see Vinny play this one.

#31 Posted by xXHesekielXx (282 posts) -

Come on @vinny! I know you want too :)

#32 Edited by Abendlaender (2863 posts) -

They should just do a live stream (like the Eurotruck one) where they play a bunch of those weird simulators. I think one might be too boring for a longer time but mixing them up could be really cool.

I guess this is also the best time for this, cause at the beginning of next year there is not really much coming out, so they probably have some time (I obviously have no idea, I'm just guessing)

#33 Edited by ArtisanBreads (3957 posts) -

Do it!

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We have to do House Painting Simulator 2014 after though.

#35 Posted by Vuud (2035 posts) -

End of the Year Stream that's all sims!

I really want Vinny to play Street Cleaning Simulator, now we can do farming, euro-truckin', airport simulator, the whole bag!

#36 Posted by Demoskinos (15086 posts) -

This needs to happen.

#37 Posted by laserguy (452 posts) -

The tree huggers are going to be mad.

#38 Posted by chiablo (984 posts) -

Someone get Max Temkin on the line, we have him to thank for the Barbie Quick Look.

#39 Posted by LucidDreams117 (421 posts) -

This better happen. No, this NEEDS to happen. A grave injustice will happen if this doesn't come true.

Thank you Giant Bomb community for thinking so much alike. I saw this on the release schedule send thought abut making a thread asking for this. It's practically calling for a year end/new year quick look.

Make it happen.

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I'm seeing a lot of potential for the January QLs :)

#41 Posted by Sessh (937 posts) -

On another note: A lot of people will have to rethink their GOTY 2013 lists now.

#42 Edited by HerbieBug (4212 posts) -

I demand this.

Also i would like to know if this game sheds any light on the question of the quantity of wood a woodchuck would chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

#43 Posted by Achaemenid (92 posts) -

As soon as I saw this on steam literally the first thing that popped into my head was "Vinny needs to play this" And, well, he does!

#44 Posted by marc (550 posts) -

this has to happen

#45 Edited by Darji (5294 posts) -

Jim Sterling did a quicklook^^

Looks like the other simulator games. And I am sure it will sell decently here in Germany^^

#46 Posted by fetchfox (1334 posts) -

I'm still waiting for the boys to jump on this one.

#47 Posted by Wolfgame (845 posts) -

I do think this could be incredible for a quick look, hope it happens. *crosses fingers*

#48 Posted by Yummylee (22270 posts) -

They're probably going to anyway, considering the history this series has with excellent (if a bit overly long) QLs. We should instead be directing out efforts to requesting stuff like an Unearthed QL! Like, c'mon! This could be like the next Neverdead... so I guess we'll have to wait a year, but that'll only make it all the sweeter.

#49 Posted by Nodachie (77 posts) -

This game needs the full crew, 3 hours, and all the alcohol for a quick look. The greatest quick look!

#50 Posted by randombattle (85 posts) -

They would also need the game cause it's not going to be on steam.