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I'm in the market for MGS HD collection and noticed it's half price if you have a gold subscription.

If I obtain a 2-day trail pass code from ebay (about £1) will that still give me the discount?

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as long as you are gold, it should work. it doesnt matter how long you have been or will be gold. give it a try, its only £1 on the line.

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Pretty sure it won't work but I can PM you a 48 hour code if you want?

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I'm almost positive that you need a month or more. A 3 month pass would work, and you should be able to take advantage of 5 or 6 "free" games for Gold members with the promotion that is going on right now.

If you don't want to do that, just buy it used.

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Don't worry, you will probably be golden.

I actually have no idea but I felt like making that joke.

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Pretty sure 48-hour trials do not count as gold.

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***Confirmed: Trick does NOT work***

First of all big thanks to Wormy22 for sending me the code!

  1. Entered the trail code
  2. Confirmed as working
  3. Went to MGS sales page, still full price
  4. Restarted Xbox and signed in again
  5. Went to MGS sales page, still full price
  6. Went through to payment confirmation page, still full price

Another day, another victory for the man.