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I'm not exactly sure why I'm writing this. I think maybe it has something to do with me being a lifelong gamer and seeing how poorly the gaming press has been handling and treating the xbox one in every regard.

The answers to so many questions are right in front of gamers and the press, yet no one seems to be taking any initiative to dig a little. I think Microsoft has done a very poor job at getting the information out there, but if you look close enough, it's there. I think the gaming press has gotten too used to waiting for press releases and official word instead of doing a little snooping.

I've got both the Xbox One and the PS4 ordered for launch day and I am excited about both. They will both have great games. When I think about the one I am more excited for, my mind drifts towards the xbox one. Saying this to anyone seems to get either a mocking response or ridicule. Why is that? In my mind, the Xbox one has more features and more new things to be excited about. I can't be the only one who is rationally thinking about the pros and cons of these consoles.

I don't doubt that the PS4 will probably end up having more raw horsepower, that already seems to be the case. That is definitely something it has going for it. The problems arise when I start to think about everything else.

Let's start with online gaming. Xbox Live is simply better than PSN. There is no question about the two services in terms of quality of service. True, PSN is a great value in terms of Plus, but let's talk about the actual online infrastructure. Sony has had seven long years to bring PSN up to par with xbox live in terms of functionality. They haven't. There is no cross game chat, there is no party chat, the messaging system could not be more unintuitive and the way trophy syncing works is broken and archaic. Everyone is in such a rush to throw themselves at the PS4 without any proof that PSN will be a better service. Sony has said that they are building it all over from the ground up, but don't you think a little skepticism is warranted from a company that has not proven they know how to make a solid online infrastructure? I really hope that PSN is better for the PS4 and it has to be in comparison to the PS3, but let's not automatically assume that it will be amazing on launch day. That fear does not exist for the Xbox One, it has a solid foundation already and it can only get better. Sony has a lot of catching up to do.

How about the controllers? This is another place where Microsoft can add new features and technologies while Sony is trying to play catch up. It's great that they have improved the terrible analogs and triggers for the dual shock 4. That's fantastic, but then they went and added a touch area which will be of use to very few developers. No one wants to remove their hands from their natural positioning to use a touch area that will never allow for precision. It simply won't be used by many developers. They added a headphone slot to the controller again playing catch up to Microsoft. What exactly has Microsoft done to improve their new controller while Sony has basically tried to emulate the features on the current 360 controller? People complain that the port on the controller has changed. That's not ideal, but Microsoft has said that there will be an adapter to make older headsets work. Big deal right? Actually it is. The new xbox one controller allows for surround sound directly through the controller. This means that no extra hardware is needed. If you check the product details for the official turtle beach headsets for the xbox one, they mention that they are regular headsets that come with an adapter for the xbox one. This means that with that adapter, you can plug in any regular pair of headphones through the adapter and get surround sound from the xbox one controller itself. No one is talking about this amazing feature. No more need for a separate decoder, nothing. You simply get the adapter, any headset or headphones that you already own and you have wireless surround sound that is built into the console. The PS4 does not have that feature.

What about the new triggers that rumble? That seems insignificant until you realize that every developer can make use of that feature immediately. Previews about the trigger demos have said that it feels great and can add tons of immersion from driving, shooting and anything else. It's completely new and has the potential to push games even further. How about all the when you feel a heartbeat in a game and the controller vibrates? Now that feeling can be felt directly in your finger as you are about to act in a game.

Sony pretty much killed off the PlayStation eye and now that light bar on the controller is useless unless you buy the accessory separately. It's another wasted opportunity that developers will not take advantage of because many people won't have it.

Anyone who plays on both PS3 and Xbox knows that the audio quality through bluetooth is terrible compared to xbox live chat quality. The xbox one controller will now allow for even better audio chat because of a higher bandwidth connection to the console. The PS4 still uses bluetooth and despite adding that little headset, the audio quality gap will increase even further because the underlying technology for the dual shock 4 is still bluetooth. The one thing I'm really hoping for in the PS4 is an A2DP profile for stereo Bluetooth. That would be amazing and I really hope it is there.

Smart glass is something that has been around for about year, maybe a little more. It's an app that allows you to see who is online, read and send messages and do other basic things. It's not great, but it is fine for what is does. That foundation is already there. The new smart glass app will interface with the xbox one directly and be built for the system because it is built into the xbox one from the start. The integration is already there. If I was wagering on the new xbox smart glass app and interface or the upcoming PlayStation app for the PS4, I would put my money on a second generation software from Microsoft. There is no question and this comes directly back to the conversation about user interface and online infrastructure. Sony has never proved that they are good at those things. Why would this new console suddenly be any different?

TV TV TV. This was something Microsoft took a lot of heat for. I may be in the minority but I still have a cable box at home. I don't watch that much TV, but I like watching it. I even have a logitech harmony remote to control all my devices in the living room. It's easy and I love having one remote. The only thing I really hate is using the cable box. The interface is slow, unintuitive, and just a pain to use. This is a big if, but if Microsoft manages to make the Xbox One work how they showed it at the unveil event, that is incredible. If I can simply say “Xbox On, watch TV” and then verbally call out channels and never have to touch the remote again. I would use that every single time I watch TV. Why wouldn't I? That would be incredible. Again, I might be in the minority, but I think if they make that work easily and consistently, it would be an incredible feature that people would absolutely use every day or whenever they turned on the TV.

How about storage space? Both consoles come with 500gb hard drives. That may seem like a lot, but I'm sure they will get filled up quickly. What do you do then? Sony makes it so easy for anyone to replace their hard drives. Right? Wrong. Not to take anything from Sony for doing this, but it was much better last generation against the poor support offered by Microsoft. You could only use 32gb flash drives. That was terrible and you had to buy those ridiculously overpriced proprietary 360 drives. That was terrible. This time around, the Xbox One allows you to plug in any USB 3.0 hard drive and go. The problem with replacing a hard drive is that you are essentially losing the amount of storage you had on the drive that is being replaced. Couple that with having to back it up and transfer back. It's a mess and not easy in relative terms. Maybe that isn't who the feature is there for, but that isn't the point. USB 3.0 is extremely quick and right now you can go to any online store like amazon or newegg and check prices for 1 TB 2.5 inch laptop drives that go in the PS4 versus 1 TB USB 3.0 external hard drives that you could use for the Xbox One. They are roughly in the same price range and roughly the same speed. An edge going to SATA 6.0Gbps drives compared to the max of 5.0Gbps offered by USB 3.0 right now. As a consumer, what is easier? Should I open up the console, back up the old drive, insert the new drive and then lose the 500gb that came built in? Or should I just plug a cable into the Xbox One and have the 500gb I started with and that 1TB that I just installed by plugging in a cable? 2.5 inch drives right now max out at 1TB, but external USB 3.0 drives are available in any size you want. You want a 2TB expansion for your Xbox One? You got it, just plug in a drive. You want a 2TB expansion for your PS4? Sorry, 2.5 inch drives don't come in that capacity.

Finally let's talk about the games. Launch games usually arent great unless you are the old Nintendo. This time around almost everything will be multiplatform aside from a few exclusives. I enjoy driving games and I'm betting that Forza will be a much better game than drive club. I also enjoy shooters and definitely want to check out Killzone. I think those are the two big ones. I want to play dead rising three, but have zero interest in Knack. Knack screams launch title and doesn't look interesting at all. Then comes Titanfall in the spring. It looks amazing and won all those E3 awards from the games press. I guess that means something. I hope it turns out well, but that game simply isn't coming to the PS4. Not at launch. I have no doubt that the PS4 will have incredible exclusives. I just don't see any coming in the first year that were ready to be shown except infamous which looks incredible and I can't wait. What exactly have they announced? Their E3 press conference was almost all mutliplatform titles aside from that barrage of indies games. The next Naughty Dog game won't be here for at least a year. Same goes for all their big franchises. Microsoft at least has Ryse (which looks amazing, but looks like it plays terribly) and quantum break. Microsoft has simply shown more exclusives coming in the first year that are ready to be shown. Sony can promise all they want, but it doesn't mean anything unless you have gameplay. I doubt The Order will ship before next holiday. Sony has a terrible habit of announcing games that are nowhere near ready. The last guardian and final fantasy 14 are just two examples.

The biggest question for me at this point is how multiplatform games will play on both consoles. Last time the 360 enjoyed simpler development and the 360 versions of the vast majority of games ran much better than the PS3 versions. This time the platforms are very similar and with the edge that Sony has, they might run better on the PS4. The question is how much better. Will third parties take the time to make them significantly better? Probably not because they have to develop for the weaker console. The PS4 versions might just get a boost by being a platform that is more like a PC and that might be tangible when it comes to performance. Only time will tell and I doubt there will be much difference in titles for the first year. If both versions of online games run extremely well, but slightly better on the ps4, I will get he xbox one version simply because Live is proven to be a better online service. Maybe Sony will catch up and PSN will work great. I hope that is the case. I don't want to feel the difference when I switch from live to PSN like I do today.

With all that said, it is easy for me to rationalize why I'm more excited about the xbox one. The controller, possible kinect functionality that changes the way I interact with my cable box, direct surround sound through the controller, the advantages of the xbox live platform over PSN and the ability to use larger and more practical external storage space. I'm definitely excited about seeing what the raw power of the PS4 will be able to do, but that power won't be harnessed for at least a year. For right now and for the coming year, there is really no debate. I am definitely more excited about the Xbox One.

Let me add one little disclaimer. If I could only afford to buy a single console and that $100 made a real difference, I would most likely go with the PS4. This is coming from someone that loves games, not platforms. I'm fortunate enough to be able to have both and from a place where the prices don't affect my decisions. This is simple the feeling I have after comparing what each machine can do with hardware and software.

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#2 Posted by Yodasdarkside (353 posts) -

Fair enough.

However, I wonder why you're bothering to buy both when you could put $400 you are going to buy a PS4 with, which you're clearly not a fan of, towards games and accessories for your Xbox One?

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I've always had all the consoles. It's definitely not about being a fan of one console over the other. This past generation I had an incredible time on xbox live playing multiplayer. That being said, I would never argue that I didn't have amazing experiences on the PS3.

I know there will be amazing games on the PS4 and I would never not buy a system when I know that is the case. If I don't get a PS4, how would I play the next naughty dog game? That developer is reason enough for me. I want to play infamous because I enjoyed the first two. I know there are going to be incredible games on both systems and eventually I will want to play them.

As far as accessories and games go, I don't think I need much. Have tons of eneloops lying around for the xbox one controller that still doesn't come with a battery pack. Have a headset already. Even have a stereo Bluetooth headset, which is why I really want the ps4 to have that profile.

It just comes down to the games. If a multiplatform games is much better on PS4, of course I will buy it there. No question. However, if there is only a small difference that only digital foundry could catch, I will prefer the xbox one for now because I still have more faith in Live as a service. This is of course right now. Who knows. Maybe the new PSN will be incredible.

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#4 Posted by TruthTellah (9796 posts) -

It's nice that you personally feel that there are good things about the Xbox One. I agree; it seems like a fine option. But I disagree with your characterization of how the gaming press has treated the Xbox One. When press are repeatedly given vague or contradictory information, they become more and more skeptical about something, and it tempers even their excitement over some things that might interest them. Then, you had policies they have been critical of for a long time, and even though Microsoft has now changed some of those policies in a surprise post-E3 move, that doesn't just immediately get rid of people's concerns or the bad taste left in the mouth of the press.

When your messaging is a mess, it isn't the press's fault that they have low or mixed impressions of something. They shouldn't have to go searching for what makes something good. You're selling them on your product just as much as any other audience, and in Microsoft's case, they stumbled in selling the press and gamers on the Xbox One. It is not the press's responsibility to do that job for them and sell games or consoles to people. Microsoft messed this up, and even if you think the Xbox One is nifty, it doesn't mean gaming press are wrong or doing a poor job just because they happen to feel differently about it than you do.

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The main issue for me is that I can't say I care about pretty much any of the Xbox One's new features, no matter how many of them there might be.

I've always preferred the Dualshock over the 360 controller too, even given the PS3's kinda of weird back triggers.

But when it comes down to it what I care about most is the games, and Sony has always had way more exclusives I've cared about than Microsoft. I could count the number of 360 exclusives I have any interest in on one hand. (The vast majority of interesting exclusives ended up getting ported to the PS3 eventually, or at the very least the PC.) Granted, it's too early to say that will be true again this gen, but it's hard for me to believe that will change this gen. Microsoft just doesn't seem to care about holding on to exclusives that I would care about.

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Of course I agree with you. I just meant that there is a lot of stuff out there that can be found. I'm obviously not a member of the press and I don't have the sources and connection that those guys do.

You're right that it isn't their job and believe me, I know how terribly Microsoft has handled the entire xbox one reveal. My point is that you would think some of this information would get out there and people would know. I was having this discussion with my cousin who is an avid gamr and reads gaming sites and while I would never try to convince anyone to buy one thing over another, he was genuinely surprised by these seemingly hidden features.

Microsoft just needs to get their act together. There was that whole fiasco with not including a headset. That was the perfect time to add the part about wireless surround built Into the console.

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@zeik: for sure. I would agree that Sony has always had better exclusives. The biggest advantage in terms of multiplatform games for the 360 was that hey just ran better and that's why I bought almost all on the 360. Isn't Skyrim on PS3 still broken?

I still feel that Sony doesnt have the big multiplayer exclusive like halo or even gears. Even I feel that those games are getting a little stale, but Killzone really doesn't stand up to halo in terms of competitive multiplayer and their is no direct analog to gears as a third person shooter. Like them or not, those games are still mechanically amazing. Battlefield, COD and the other big multiplayer games are all on both.

Can't agree about the dual shock though. I can't stand it. My hands are a bit larger and they start cramping up badly if I try to play for too long. Luckily the DS4 seems much bigger and much better overall. Still a little concerned about the dead zones on the analogs. Microsoft has come out and said their new analogs are 25% more precise in terms of dead zones. Hopefully the DS4 analogs will offer a little more resistance and be more precise.

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#8 Posted by StarvingGamer (11082 posts) -

Well, for me, every pro you're listing in the Xbox column is one that I either don't care about, or directly disagree with. Above all else, though, is the fact that not a single true Xbox 360 exclusive from this generation, other than Tales of Vesperia, is a game I enjoyed as anything more than a way to kill time. And I bought and played a lot of them. Maybe they'll make a change for the better and start bringing a real breadth of creativity to their first-party efforts, but as of right everything Microsoft has shown has me even less interested in the One than I was in the 360.

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I've actually played through Skyrim several times on the PS3 and never had too many issues. I mean, Bethesda games are pretty much inherently somewhat broken, but at least by the time I got my hands on it it seemed to be "fixed".

Multiplayer games have never been my bread and butter, so I can't say that's a big deal for me. I'll play them every now and then, and I do think Destiny looks like it could be cool, but it doesn't really affect me. Which is also why features like free games on PS+ is a much bigger boon to me than a better infrastructure for multiplayer.

Obviously I'm in the minority when it comes to caring about multiplayer, but there are still quite a few people out there that got their multiplayer fix only with what Sony offered. To be fair though, now that they are charging money they definitely need to step it up.

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I definitely care about multiplayer. I'm not sure if single player matters more or if multiplayer does.

For example, I finished the last of us in about 14 hours. I had my issues with that game, but I loved it. That experience will definitely stick with me but I've played about 25 hours or multilayer and I am really enjoying playing it with friends. I'm not equating time with quality, just that I've had a fantastic time playing both, but I've had a much longer time with multiplayer. That game is surprisingly good. Better than any of the uncharted games for multiplayer. I won't recall the specifics of matches like i will remember story and characters, but it's been a great time.

Looking forward to destiny and titanfall which are the next two big multiplayer games. Since I care about multiplayer, I can't just ignore Titanfall because it is only on the xbox one for now. The same way I wouldn't ignore destiny if it were only on PS4.

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The thing I don't understand is from some multiplayer fans I've spoken to. People who love multiplayer games. We've talked and I say I can't wait for titanfall. It looked amazing at E3 and now it has won all these awards. They might mean nothing, but it's just an early indication of quality. These same people completely dismiss the xbox one despite them playing almost only multiplayer and despite the fact that only one of the two big multiplayer games for the next generation is coming to PS4.

One of the big reasons I'm excited is obviously titanfall. That games looks like it could be incredibly fun. Of course I love multiplayer so I want to try it. When multiplayer fans reduce it to call of duty with mechs despite almost exclusively playing call of duty, I have no idea what to think. It seems like completely irrational bias.

Here is the only thing I'm concerned about with PSN plus for the ps4. It is great for the ps3 and vita because there is a huge library to offer discounts and free games. What are they going to do with a new platform? It's not like they will be giving away games that have just been released. They need to build up a library first. They won't have anything, discounts maybe? On new games? That doesn't seem likely. Would be great but I'm not sure what the benefits of plus will be for the first year.

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@syed117 said:
Let's start with online gaming. Xbox Live is simply better than PSN. There is no question about the two services in terms of quality of service. True, PSN is a great value in terms of Plus, but let's talk about the actual online infrastructure. Sony has had seven long years to bring PSN up to par with xbox live in terms of functionality. They haven't. There is no cross game chat, there is no party chat, the messaging system could not be more unintuitive and the way trophy syncing works is broken and archaic. Everyone is in such a rush to throw themselves at the PS4 without any proof that PSN will be a better service.

Let me stop you right there.

You're trying to make an argument for new consoles and you go and compare old consoles. Granted, I have used my 360 very little since I had it and only once played online multiplayer (Halo Reach) during a free weekend since I believe paying for access to online multiplayer is an inherently stupid proposition. Now, I haven't played THAT much online multiplayer on PSN either but still a great deal more. That experience has been entirely functional for all games (Read Red Redemption, Borderlands, AssBro, AssRev MP Beta, Uncharted 2 retail and Uncharted 3 beta, Dead Space 2 and tons of BioShock 2) with the sole exception being LittleBigPlanet but that seems to have been the game's fault. What do you need for good online mp? As for me, I need a lag-free experience, a playerbase and an easy way to get going. All there (and most of these are determined by the game).

That was the old stuff. As for features for the new PSN, they have already come out and said they will have cross game chat so bringing that up is pointless (and I'd guess they also have a party-chat equivalent). Nothing about the messaging system on PSN is unintuitive. I actually believe it is far superior to the Xbox Live experience simply going by the on-screen keyboard layout. How Microsoft decided using an alphabetical layout was a good idea is simply beyond me. That is the definition of unintuitive. That's not to say the PSN messaging couldn't be improved upon with some simple tweaks but as it is now, I vastly prefer it over writing messages on Xbox Live of old. Since these are not exciting features, I don't think they've detailed or even shown how they will work on both systems right now.

I have no clue how it works on the Vita but Trophy syncing on PS3 isn't broken, it's just way too slow. Again, it's functional but merely slow. The manual input requirement to sync can be viewed as a positive or negative depending on the person though.

All of this is coming from someone who, as of right now, couldn't care less about both these new systems, mind you.

PS: Duder, your post is way too long.

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#13 Edited by Angouri (241 posts) -

The reality is this: I am far more willing to spend $100 on an Apple TV or Roku Box for TV entertainment, $400 on a PS4 for its exclusives and console-only experiences, and keep my PC for work/indies.

I don't see Xbox in my future because: 1) Kinect is not worth it, 2) Xbox Live was never a big draw vs. Steam & PSN 3) I trust that companies like Roku and Apple will get TV right far quicker than Microsoft. I tried their way with the HTPC, that future is dead. Apple TV and Roku boxes are great, simple and, most importantly, cheap.

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@syed117: Well Titanfall is coming to the PC too, which I think is notable factor for a number of people. Granted, there are plenty of people who don't have high-end gaming PC's (myself included), but if I really wanted to play Titanfall (which I might, I dunno yet) I'd rather just invest in a good computer than an Xbox One.

I'll agree it's dumb to dismiss Titanfall as just "CoD with mechs" if you actually play tons of CoD. Hell, the mechs alone make that game seem like 100x more interesting than CoD.

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#15 Edited by BoOzak (1286 posts) -

I didnt know about the headphone socket built into the controller, that's pretty cool. To be honest none of the launch exclusives seem that interesting. The only reason i'm picking up the PS4 at launch is because I doubt there will be a price drop for awhile and I want to own at least one of the next gen consoles.

Also you say you're skeptical about Sony's online infrastructure being improved, while that is a concern, are you not at all concerned that the XONE wont flat out die in less than year? Microsoft arent exactly known for their great hardware.

I know i'm definately going to own both eventually. But I can see myself getting a Wii U before I get an XB1 because that actually has some exclusives I care about coming out in the next year or so. (also i'm hanging onto the idea that they'll release a non-Kinect bundle as unlikely as that may be)

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#16 Posted by DrBeardface (281 posts) -

How are games journalists dropping the ball? I've heard about all these features on the Giant Bombcast. No offense, but your post kind of comes off as an 'XBox One Is Great' editorial, not so much a look at why you think these features haven't been promoted by the games press. Are you sure the people you talk to that ridicule at the mention of XBox One actually follow the industry? I've got friends who are game enthusiasts who probably don't go to any game news sites, they hear only what the internet wants to make a big stink about. That's no fault of the games press. Also I don't believe the argument over pros and cons of the two systems can be rational, preferences shift and users become accustomed to their console of choice. Saying that Microsoft has a solid foundation would cause me to ridicule you because I've grown accustomed to my PSN with it's free multiplayer and free access to Netflix. I am not a multiplayer aficionado, so Sony's is preferable to my circumstances. On the flip side, if I want to venture on to Xbox Live to pick up a new XBLA release, I have to sift through all the advertisements and game menus and hope I chose the right category to find Mark of the Ninja (just for example). But, having stuck with XBox, I imagine you have no problems finding what you want on the Marketplace. But all this doesn't matter, as infrastructure to both consoles' operating system will change SO MUCH, we have no idea whose will be preferable! That's what's so exciting about this year, it's been so long since a generation shift began and we get to see it unfold at the end of the year. My advice is to ignore taunts (because they are uninformed and therefore USELESS) and hold out hope that both companies knock it out of the park and EVERYONE gets the gaming experience they are wishing for. Vote DrBeardface Games-President, 2014.

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#17 Posted by egg (1667 posts) -

"There is no cross game chat, there is no party chat, the messaging system could not be more unintuitive and the way trophy syncing works is broken and archaic."

None of that has to do with the quality of online play. It's just bells and whistles.

"Sony has said that they are building it all over from the ground up, but don't you think a little skepticism is warranted from a company that has not proven they know how to make a solid online infrastructure?"

Heheh, gamers have been surprised time and time again at how poorly Nintendo has been handling online/eshop and the fact games are tied to the system. As well as how Pro controller doesn't have analog triggers, how WiiU is PS360 power level (if even) Or how Super Mario 3D World doesn't have online, oh the humanity. It's like people constantly forget who Nintendo is. So if that's how it is with Nintendo then it's going to be a hundred times more true for Sony. Sad but true?

"Sony pretty much killed off the PlayStation eye and now that light bar on the controller is useless unless you buy the accessory separately. It's another wasted opportunity that developers will not take advantage of because many people won't have it."

Xbox 360 controllers aren't compatible with Xbox One. So it looks like developers won't take advantage of couch multiplayer since many people won't have a 2nd controller.

"The biggest question for me at this point is how multiplatform games will play on both consoles."

If PS4 is more powerful (or significantly more powerful?) than Xbox One then it will have the better multiplats. Why downplay this, much less try to sugarcoat it as a stalemate? Yes the games will be developed for the weaker console, in this case Xbox One, meaning that PS4 gets the optimized versions of those games. Thanks Xbox One!

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#19 Posted by matti00 (677 posts) -

You say it's easy to rationalise why you prefer the Xbox One. The thing is, the consoles are actually so similar it's very easy to spin it one way or the other. It all depends on what you're looking for. There's counter-arguments for all your points:

Online Gaming - I have high speed broadband and XBL drops out for me all the time, preventing me from accessing my arcade games (as I bought them on my previous broken console) and screwing me over in multiplayer. The fact that Sony is now charging for multiplayer gives them the ability to really bolster the service.

Controllers - Microsoft has hardly changed the controller at all, where as Sony tried something innovative. (I don't agree with this one, I'm just trying to prove a point. Both controllers look great.)

TV - The only thing I hate more than TV is cable TV.

Storage Space - Playstation lets you use actual hard drives where as with Xbox you can only use USB HDDs, which are slow to transfer data. Not a viable solution for playing games from.

Games - All the Xbox games look like they were aimed heavily at dudebros who like explosions, where as Playstation actually had some variety in their line up. I love indie games, and I'm much more interested in them than the AAA titles. Not to mention Sony has been building great relationships with developers, while Microsoft just buys exclusives.

Now, I'm not saying you're wrong by any means. All I'm saying is, it's very easy to rationalise one way or the other.

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#20 Posted by joshwent (2898 posts) -

What I mostly take away from this is that you're excited about Titanfall on a console, so the XBox is the obvious choice. That was easy!

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#21 Posted by TruthTellah (9796 posts) -

@syed117 said:
Microsoft just needs to get their act together.

I think that's certainly a sentiment we can all get behind.

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#22 Posted by Ekami (285 posts) -

I dont know why but I want to be EXTRA judgey of xbox one now. All the words that were typed have had the opposite effect I am saddened

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I'm surprised that no one have mentioned self-publishing yet. To me and anyone who cares about Indie games, this should be a pretty big deal. At least at the moment, this is what truly makes the PS4 superior to me.

Of course I'm not actually buying anything before launch, and things can change before then. Maybe I will go with the PC instead.

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#24 Posted by Reisz (1621 posts) -

No one has any idea how the online services will work this time around. We have ideas based on how things are today, nothing more. You have both pre-ordered, who cares what anyone says to you about your excitement? Be secure in your choices and enjoy the excitement that comes with waiting for hardware to launch. There are many other enthusiasts out there waying up pros and cons, the way I see it though, I shouldn't be doing any work to justify what will be --after tax, games and a live subscription-- a $700.00 leisure purchase.

I still haven't put money down for either console, you and I have better things to do than "snooping" for reasons to spend that sort of money.

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Eh, everyone's allowed an opinion. I personally think anyone who thinks PSN or the Dualshock are objectively worse than their Xbox counterparts is crazy, but apparently i'm in the minority with that argument.

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@syed117: You make some good points, and I don't want to take the time to reply to every one of them, but I will point out two things.

1) Sony eventually said that the reason party chat was never added to the PS3 is because the hardware prevented it from being added. They wanted to do it, but because of how the system was built, they couldn't do it through software like MS. This was a very big issue for me this generation, and is the main reason why I never bought a PS3.

2) As for the touchpad being useless, I disagree.

Momentarily moving your thumbs a few centimeters away from the analog sticks--something you already do every time you use the start, back, X, Y, A or B buttons on a 360 controller--seems FAR more preferable to me than waving your arms around at the Kinect, or talking to your game console.

I've actually been thinking about this for a while. Before E3 I wrote this:

Anyhow, I was thinking a bit more about the PS4 touchpad, and I think it could really end up being a neat addition to their controller.

If I could either navigate a somewhat complex menu with a touchpad or do the same thing with an analog stick, I'd rather use a touchpad. Analog control of a cursor never feels very good, but there's so much more potential there.

Lets take Skyrim as an example. Imagine the touch pad acting as another button, and when pressed it brings up the in-game map. Now imagine that you can scroll around that map just by moving your finger. In an instant, you can scroll from Solitude to Riften. Start by touching the upper-right corner of the touchpad, and when you open the map you'll be looking at the area around Winterhold. Start by touching the left-center of the touchpad and you'll immediately jump to the area around Markarth.

If this can be done, then it follows that the pad could be used for additional commands that otherwise might not fit on the controller. Imagine the touchpad divided into four, six, or eight "buttons" for somewhat common, but less frequent commands.

I'm sure some games are going to use it for stupid gimmicky crap like "wipe the dust off this coffin, so you can see what's written underneath," but I think that smart developers could--and likely will--end up doing a lot more with it.

And then after E3 I saw this video.

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"Look at me, I'm such a special snowflake."

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I can't get over the use of the word *gamer*. So no, to whatever you said.

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You seem to be Judging the PS4 and the Xbox One based on what you know about the PS3 and the 360.

I imagine you compared the PS2 and Xbox (original) and decided that xbox would be awful and the PS3 would wipe the floor with them.

You should wait and see, because there's going to be a lot of changes.

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The reason I like the PS4's HDD solution is that I can put an SSD into it. I wouldn't be surprised if you can use an external drive like on the Wii-U and the XB1 but to be able to put an SSD into it and get way better load times is awesome.

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The reason I like the PS4's HDD solution is that I can put an SSD into it. I wouldn't be surprised if you can use an external drive like on the Wii-U and the XB1 but to be able to put an SSD into it and get way better load times is awesome.

Was thinking the same thing. Are you going to use a true SSD? I was thinking of getting one of Seagates 1 TB Hybrid SSDs (if confirmed to work), as a normal 1 TB SSD are more expensive than the PS4 itself.

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Your argument is valid, but I don't agree. But that is entirely based on my own needs and wants out of a system, where PS4 does what I want it to, and xbox does not.

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You make it sound like you reached a conclusion about which you prefer and then came up with a bunch of reasons to justify it. You don't need to justify anything. Buy what you want.

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@tortoise said:

Buy what you want.

Pretty much the only thing that needs to be said in any of these threads.

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I love how people who post stuff like this ALWAYS make sure to say they are getting both of them.

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You really don't know what your talking about.

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@syed117 said:
Sony has had seven long years to bring PSN up to par with xbox live in terms of functionality. They haven't. There is no cross game chat, there is no party chat, the messaging system could not be more unintuitive and the way trophy syncing works is broken and archaic


That's wrong. Sony has a current-gen console that does all of that in a pretty intuitive manner, the Vita: X-game chat, group messaging, trophy syncing, social features... even ingame Skype calls (the big feature for the XBONE). It's all there and it works really great.

As stated before, Sony really wanted to implement X-game-chat to the PS3, but they couldn't because the console's technical restrictions, especially the RAM.

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I didn't know about the controller sound stuff, that's pretty cool.

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@servothx said:

I love how people who post stuff like this ALWAYS make sure to say they are getting both of them.


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@servothx said:

I love how people who post stuff like this ALWAYS make sure to say they are getting both of them.


I cant tell if you're trying to imply hes a shill or something else.

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So you feel bad about the press not treating a ginormous monopolistic greedy corporation like a PR deparment!? Must be weird being such a fanboy.

Also what everyone saying: just buy what you want its videogames, people is gonna buy what people want to buy.

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How about just you just buy what you want, and don't care about what people on the internet you don't know, think?

Like, I'm buying an XONE, and I like that I am.

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A lot of the things you chastised PSN for were hardware limitations like the chat thing. As for the overall quality Ive been able to get fantastic speeds lately. I downloaded inFamous2 a 15 GB game in like an hour and a half.

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You like the XBOX for all the right reasons. But you aren't considering all the problems with it. Which is fine if they aren't problems for you.

Either way, you're crazy and need to be locked up. Have fun playing with Kinect in your padded cell.

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@syed117: Don't expect too much from the videogame press and you won't be so disappointed :)

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PSN? Have you seen the PS4 iteration of the PSN yet? No one has, so your judgement is a little premature there. Also, since MS introduced the Metro dashboard, I avoid browsing XBL as much as possible. Terrible navigation, an eyesore and way too much advertising.

Controller? I have read numerous hands-on reports saying that the PS4 controller is fantastic and even trumps the 360 and One controllers.

Rumble triggers? Nice gimmick and it could be cool but apparently they had to make concessions because of this feature. The triggers now feel notably worse than the 360 controller's triggers, at least that's what hands-on reports are suggesting.

Kinect? I actively dislike this feature. Good for you if you're into it I guess but I just don't want it, not a single aspect of it.

Cable stuff? Who watches live television anymore? Well, I definitely haven't for a few years now. All I need is netflix and similar services. The feature is moot anyway over here in Germany.

I guess the Xbone is just not for me. I can't find a single reason to choose it over the PS4. I'm a one-console guy (+PC) and this generation I went with 360 and PC, now I'm switching to Sony. If anything I'd rather buy a WiiU as my second console than an Xbone.

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Just because you are able to plug your headset into the controller dont magically make your headset able to provide 5.1 surround sound...

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There's a lot of feelings and opinions here. I think it's true that a lot of the hate MS is getting is somewhat unjustified - but, really, all of us laughing at MS's blunders still know the X1 will have awesome games. It's just that every time they open their mouths some new BS falls out.

But... so much of what you listed, which is important for you, isn't for me. If Sony fixes there cross-game chat, etc, great - if not, guess what... I barely play multiplayer games. Personally I had an X360 for a few years and a PS3 until it exploded last month and I always preferred the XMB. So yeah, whatevs. Also word on the street is that the PS controller has a similar rumble improvement... And just last week I was thinking of cancelling my TV. I also hate the idea of using gestures, hate the idea of Kinect, hate the idea of voice recognition - it's just not for me. I want to sit on a couch with a controller in my hands and play games, that's all.

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@cptbedlam: I could see a situation where I would want an XBO, but the arrogance of forcing "Kinect 2.0" on people after the miserable, overpriced disaster the original Kinect was is hard to ignore. Yes, it sold a lot, just like the Wii, and most people would say that, just like the Wii, the Kinect was mostly a gimmick. Microsoft telling people it's "integral" to the experience is going to piss a lot of people off IMO because of how disappointing the previous iteration was.

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You seem to be Judging the PS4 and the Xbox One based on what you know about the PS3 and the 360.

I imagine you compared the PS2 and Xbox (original) and decided that xbox would be awful and the PS3 would wipe the floor with them.

You should wait and see, because there's going to be a lot of changes.

Or that it would run multiplatform games better and have a vastly superior online infrastructure..