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I was wondering if anyone was having an issue I seem to be having. Or if you've, maybe, heard about it somewhere?

My "DAY ONE" controller that came packed in with the console seems a bit busted. It all looks fine, and it'll work a good amount of the time as well. But it keeps dropping connectivity. I've tried syncing, multiple times. But every time I think I got it to work properly, it'll then drop again.

I thought it might need to stay in the field of view for the Kinect or something. But I bought a second controller and it's working fine. I play at a weird angle from my television and the Kinect can still see me and the controller, I checked. And, as I said, the second controller I bought seems to work fine.

Anyone else? I love the controller itself. And I haven't found anything with a couple of Google searches. So I thought I'd ask and see if it was happening anywhere else before I got lost in a sea of Microsoft Help menus or phone calls. Maybe there's a fix or something?

Thanks. :)

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My Xbox One controller functions perfectly, but it feels cheap. The right side grip has a rough edge where the plastic meets, and it creaks whenever squeezed. I popped off the plastic to see what the issue was, and for the life of me I cannot figure it out. For some reason the piece of plastic for the right under-grip just won't sit right.