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I know the keep is coming so that choices can be made in the keep (Online) then you can transfer your keep choices over to your xbox one but how will the keep work, will there be drop down menus to choose who died and who lived in DA1 and DA2 etc..?

Also, will xbox 360 players be able to use the keep instead of importing from their hard drive, i say this because i recently purchased a new xbox 360 therefore my old one had to go so i no longer have all my DA1 and DA2 saves :(

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I think the only way on any platform is going to be that Keep thing (even on platforms where it would still be simple to take that info from a savegame file, like PC). There was a beta for it, but I didn't finish entering so I have no idea how exactly it works. I'm sure it's just tied to your EA/Origin account, which I'm sure you'll have to log into in the game anyway.

Makes me wonder how it works for multiple characters, because I have.... probably 5 of them from Origins and 2 from Dragon Age 2.

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Its a great idea ive had 2 360s bust on me since i played da1 . i thought about signing up for the beta to find out how it worked must be pretty complicated if it has every decision from 1 , 2 and dlc , if there smart bioware should make it an interactive comic that tells the story .