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Hey Guys -

I am an unfortunate victim of the Green Screen of Death. Trying to see how this plays out but already asked for a replacement to be shipped out by Microsoft. Has anyone heard of successful methods for fixing this? Thanks in advance everyone!

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Green screens are pretty unfixable besides sending it out for a repair. You can use myservice.xbox.com to setup a repair, but by the sounds of your post it seems like you have already done this.

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Can't the place you bought it from just replace it? Seems like there's tons of them laying around not being sold from what I have seen.

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unfortunately bought it from Amazon

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I would just wait for the replacement. You don't want to go poking around and void the warranty.

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so much for not having fail states similar to the RRoD. Sorry that happened to you, but you definitely shouldn't try to fix it yourself and risk voiding the warranty.

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for those having green screen of death issues see here - http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/xbox_support/xbox_one_support/f/4269/t/1627535.aspx it works! the dead has risen!!!

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Isn't this usually caused by people who power cycled their systems for some reason during the initial firmware update?

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That sucks sorry to hear about that mate.

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Seems like there's tons of them laying around not being sold from what I have seen.

I lol'd.

What's Green Screen of Death? I've not heard of it before. Is it like a Blue Screen on Windows but green and completely bricks the thing, as opposed to just having to make you restart?

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@razielcuts: It just sits on the "Xbox one" screen forever.

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@jimmyfenix: Thanks, yeah I just had a look on YouTube to see what it was, that's unfortunate to happen to anyone who just bought a new system.

@vmehnert: The guy gave an update in the video saying -

UPDATE: I managed to fix this =) I use the Xbox One “Emergency Offline Update” (which for some reason Microsoft took down from their website) and it has fixed my console and its now working fine.

So if you manage to find that online somewhere possibly that could help?

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My friend had it , he ordered it in the uk from shopto they have taken the broken one back and given him a fresh new working one in this timescale can't fault that service and I hope Microsoft is similar