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Its been roughly three months since Xbox One was delayed in Sweden as well as Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia and Switzerland. That we have yet not gotten a more specific release date than spring 2014 by now is just plain silly. The machine is out in other countries in two days, but we have yet to hear a whisper about a real release date.

I have not yet pre-ordered a system. I guess i could import one from Great Britain or perhaps Germany, but i really do not want to have to go that route. Luckily, i have bought a PS4 that i will receive by the end of this month along with a couple of games. But i would also like to play Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3 right about now as well, or at least know more specifically when i can.

Have you, dear swede or perhaps other fellow friend from country in same predicament, pre-ordered a machine despite not knowing more exactly when it will release? Or will you import one instead?

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As a Swede; I'm not in any rush. It'll get here whenever it will get here. Not even contemplating jumping into next gen until spring-ish anyway (because being an adult). So by the time I'm in the market for one I am sure it's out or about to be.