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It looks like a VCR, I get it. Microsoft wants it to be the center of the living room, so it makes sense that they would want it to look less video-gamey. It'll still play GTA 6, so let's take the hate on the aesthetic down a notch.

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I barely hear anyone moaning about the look. The name and everything else?........oh boy.

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Lol VCR lol

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I really like the way it looks!

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Eh...I've seen my fair share of memes.

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Well shit, maybe if they gave us anything else to focus on we would, but frankly the name and look is about all we got out of that conference (also TV, TV, TV, TV, Sports, sports sports, calladoody, calladoody).

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@megabite10164: Ha! That's totally Jeff standing in the background using Skype on his iPad.

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No, I won't stop. It looks like shit.

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@mikkaq: you forgot the FIVE BILLION TRANSISTORS!

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As long as they're all about the hardcore at E3, then I'm ok with the reveal being a general overview of everything it does. Focus on the games where it matters.

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From what I've seen and heard about it so far, the way it looks is the least of it's problems...

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It's a console, not your girlfriend.

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I don't think just because you're still going to get the games you want on that machine, everyone else's criticisms of its appearance are invalid. I haven't actually seen that many posts ragging on the console's aesthetics, but even if we can explain why the console looks that way, that's independent of how good or bad it looks. Personally I think it looks fine, but God damn is it big.

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@megabite10164: Ha! That's totally Jeff standing in the background using Skype on his iPad.

hahaha just noticed that!

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I think it looks really nice, myself, but tastes in this regard will vary. It totally does look gigantic, though.

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Is the power supply inside this time?

If so, I'm fine with how it looks.

Actually, I don't care either way, but it seems like given the size, it would have the power supply inside the unit this time around.

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Yeah, the way it looks is about the last thing to complain about.

...and looking at ratio of appearance complaints to LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE, I think people have held true to that.

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I see some people are starting to call Microsoft's new console the XBone. Well I think because it's so square, and has almost no rounded edges, instead of XBone people should call it an X-BOX!

Ha ha ha!

Because it's square. You know, like a box. Boxes are square.

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It does look pretty fucking ugly, but I haven't seen many people complain about the look. I feel like Microsoft would be in a much better position if that was its biggest issue.

Meanwhile, you will probably be able to play GTA6 on the PS4 as well.

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I think it looks awesome, but if you want me to stop, ok I'll stop.

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I really like the look of it, and surely wasn't expecting it to look as good as it does.

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He's right, the looks don't matter. I'm more concerned about the power consumption. I know that they said it's really low but I wonder if their numbers take into account that to use the television, internet and videogame features I'll also need to power a DVR, a router and a Playstation 4?

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I think it looks badass. It looks mean, like it could be a futuristic Betamax player, or the flight data recorder on the Normandy. or something.

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Except for the size I think it is beautiful.

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I don't think I've seen anyone mention how it looks. Which is a shame cos that's one of the worst things about it. It's so goddamn ugly! Who thought that two-tone thing was a good idea?

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Hmm, It seem like a pretty neutral and average design to me. It's a rectangle. I neither love it or hate it. The cross tone thing is a questionable choice, but it's not outright offensive to the eyes in my opinion.

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It looks dumb, not a big deal, I think the original PS3 looks dumb and it didn't stop me from getting it, other reasons will stop me from getting the xone

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So you made a thread, about it's looks, asking people to stop talking about how it looks?
I don't think I follow but sure.

At least it fits with everything else that's black these days
(which is, everything, unless it's a Poor-people version: looking at you less expensive WiiU)

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I haven't seen all that many people complain about the design. Especially when compared to the various ugly-sounding policies they've described since the conference.

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Aesthetics don't bug me, plus I can use it to bash a burglar's head during a break-in.

Show me the games, boys, that's all I really care about.

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I think it looks pretty freaking awesome....

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I like it. It is simple and boxy.

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I'd like the way it looks, if it wasn't so huge. But whatever, the looks of it isn't that much of a concern.

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We definitely need a "Leave XBox One Alone!!" video.

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You know, what it actually reminded me of was a fully black version of this:

In retrospect, it doesn't really look like the X1. But just reminds me of it in that they are both big ass boxes.

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I just wish it wasn't black. That means I gotta fucking dust and shine shit more and I don't want to do that!

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Some people want their electronics to look like an Alienware PC and some want an elegant box that will sit on a shelf without standing out like a sore thumb.

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@humanity: Gross what kind of people like the way Alienware PCs look? Put that shit in the garbage where it belongs.

The Xbox looks fine though, neither amazing nor awful.

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It looks exactly like all of those "entertainment center" cases for PCs. So designed to look like it's not there. as plain as possible.

But anyway, that new controller is more than I had hoped for. It looks great. I FUCKING LOVE what they are saying about 2x bump to precision and better centering on the analog sticks. I like the trigger sensitivity bumps. I've also heard they took latency seriously, but we shall see. The digital pad still looks like ass but what are you going to do. patents.

I'm curious if they will sell a PC receiver and driver combo for the controller.

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Just my 2 cents, while I agree it looks very dull I can see why others are commenting that this ultimately doesn't matter. If E3 goes well and by some miracle M$ get their act together and loads of great games start hitting the streets soon after release then it will sell.

Aesthetics do matter to a point, however if it turns out to be a system with plenty of exclusive games then it will sell regardless of its appearance (especially in the US).

I may well take a lot of flak for this next comment, but in my opinion the original 360 was a bit of a dog compared to the very sexy looking original PS3 but it didn't stop the 360 selling.

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Nope, i'm still having fun laughing at the design. I mean this is nothing new people dogged the ps3 for looking like a George Foreman grill.