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Anyone else having problems with the party chat? 99% of the time any of us try to turn on the Party Chat it just loads for a bit then says We cant turn on chat right now. Try again later.

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Probably just network issues.

It will probably be a day or two before everything is working smoothly

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The big question is when are they bringing back Netflix parties?

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Having the same problem with a friend of mine. Same exact message.

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hmm. I finally got mine set up. no issues with party chat

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YES! same problem... whats weird is my friend and i were in party chat all morning working fine. When he hopped off for dinner and got back on no less than 30 mins later we tried to make a party again we could no long be in party chat at the same time. It would load and then.... "We cant turn on chat right now. Please try again later. Lame!!!!!!!!

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So am I the only one that has the volume go really low (Game, Music etc..) when turning party chat on? I'm barely able to hear my game. It's not like the audio needs to lower for the kinect mic (Using headset) and it doesn't need to lower for people talking (Headset) so why the hell does the volume lower until you turn party chat back off.

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@xdarkphoenixx:No that happens to me when i'm in game chat, party chat... When ever someones talks the volume is lowered in game chat. And in party chat the volume is just always low. Thought they did this on purpose... this problem or (feature) however isn't as bad aa party chats not working... cmon u wont let us talk to our 360 friends and now we cant even talk to our friends that bought the xbox one.

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I get the same issue. Ive also got a faulty headset though which doesnt help.

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I think there is a "User Feedback" application in the store. Try that.

  • Start the app up
  • I THINK you have to start a capture or something
  • Start party, send invites, turn on party chat
  • Once you hit the problem, end the capture and submit the form to M$FT
  • If you get your friend to do the same thing, may help things, don't know.
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I have had the same issue and resolved it this way:
Go to settings > network > test MP connection
Once I checked this I got some notification about the IP settings and did the following-
Set the IP Address to Auto
Set the DNS to auto
Set the last option, i think it was secondary MAC address, to clear.
Restart the console and my issues were all good and I was able to connect without anymore issues.

The issue is something with the secondary address limiting connectivity. As long as it is clear these problems should not exist and you should be able to enjoy chat with friends. Afterwards I had to set my chat not to occur through the kinect but that is easy to do. Go to kinect and uncheck the box about chat via Kinect.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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@carney13: I will give it a shot. We all tried something similar over the weekend with no luck. My friends and I all still have it randomly not working for all of us most of the time. It sucks. The 360 had the easiest way to start party's and chats I have ever seen. Now its a mess. I hope everything gets fixed soon. Thanks for the update. I will let you know how it turns out. *There will be 4 others trying this out along with me. I will let you know how it goes for them too.

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Really disappointed with party chat so far. Have had same issues, and people not hearing eachother. Plus the button for joining a friend's party in progress (without invite) is so buried that I can't reliably find it. Just going to friends > active parties does not always show parties that exist.

Hope they streamline/fix things soon, but for now it's kind of uselessly busted for me.

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@patoday said:

The big question is when are they bringing back Netflix parties?

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So after trying everything I have seen on the inter-webs there has been only one consistent thing that has worked. First off its seems that BF4 is the biggest culprit in screwing up party chats. Its looks to be that way for a lot of people. We have been playing that and Ghosts. My friends and I who live in varying states and close by found that we have to do this With no game running. Not idle in the home screen. I mean not running at all for everyone. We have to start at party chat and invite everyone and make sure everyone is in and has the party chat turned on. Next we can all start the game and its fine. If someone gets kicked from a game back to a home screen or disconnected in some way. That person is screwed unless we all back out of out game, completely quit out of it and do the whole process over again. It sucks but at least it works. So this is our remedy for now.