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I think we can all agree that the best possible abbreviation to use for this console is XBONE (XBox ONE).

"XONE", as it is now, is not ideal. Can you pronounce xone??? zone?? kone?? exone??? No, because it is dumb.

The members of this wonderful site seem like the smart kind of people to be at the helm of making sure that this new console will be referred to by the proper abbreviation for years to come (XBONE).

Come with me, Bombers to the land of XBONE.
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"XBONE" sounds like what dudebros would call a console.

...So yeah, I guess that makes it perfect.

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Eh. It sounds like a derogatory term for an ex-girlfriend and I ain't sexist like that.

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My initial reaction was XONE, and that happens to be what Jeff wanted and what Marino immediately changed it to.

We really don't need to base this decision on just enabling lazy "bone" jokes.

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I'm going to call it the "X1" or the just the xbox.

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It's the Space Battleship X1. Get used to it.

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@zeik: I think we have a problem.

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I am in favour of Xbone.

Our threadmates disappoint me, however. :(

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It's like you guys don't even LIKE FUN.


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Are you suggesting it be pronounced Xbwun or Xbohn?

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I prefer Xbone, mostly because Xone (I think its pronounced closer to zone than anything else) sounds too cool for a console with that bad of a name.

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Ex-bone is pretty fun to say. I may use it the same way I use blops or sweater (SW:TOR).

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XONE? That sounds like a future drug to me. Of course, I am #teamX1, so I'd rather have that then XBONE.

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No, you are dumb.

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I'm fully in support of calling it the XBONE.

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Sorry guys, but I gotta go #TEAMXBONELESS on this one.

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DMX will be the official spokesperson along with a cross-media marketing plan for Call of Duty Ghosts

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XONE might end up being the official abbreviation, but we'd just be kidding ourselves.

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Alternatively, the pronounciation "XBWAN" as a nice Rasta flavour to it. I'm gwan play xbwan mahn.

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I am fully in support of never naming it the Xbone.

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Well after seeing this thread every time i see the words xbox one, i see xbone instead lol.

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I completely agree! It makes sense as an abbreviation, as well as showcases core technology for dog mo-cap. I will call it XBONE until I die. XBONE!

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XONE is worse than XBONE. I was in support of XB1.

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I very rarely refuse to see the other side of an argument. That having been said; Xbone is garbage and I won't have it. Xbox for real talk or the "zone" for humour, done.

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I think they already picked out a name. Now it's time to petition the XOne apps to be called snapps because of the "Snap Mode" apps.

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Gonna call it Jimmy. Jimmy hates playing movies. Jimmy hates FPS games. Jimmy just red ringed.

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Anonymous asked:

Word on the twitvine is that the hip abbreviation for the XBOX One is the "XBONE", what say you Jeff Gerstmann

Five characters is too many for an abbreviation. XONE.

Jeff Gerstmann on Tumblr

I consider this to be the final word.

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XBone was fun to goof about for a couple hours. I'm over it. I support XBO or XB1.

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If the soul-less masses have decided against XBone then I'l much rather go with X1 (Ecks One) . Anyone pronouncing Xone like zone can go right straight to hell.

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You must reach inside yourself past your ego's haze to the inner being, XBONE will appear.

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Me and my friend happened to arrive at XONE as well. And now that it seems to be Jeff-sanctioned, I guess that settles it.

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How about the One.

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XBAWK WAN MIRRION TWOOP ^_____________________^

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Nobody is ever going to call that thing XONE (as in 'zone') or type that out. 'Xbone' won't stick either, of course, but it's amusing enough for a day or two.

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We had a good laugh with XBone yesterday, but I'm with Jeff.