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I'm wondering if anyone else has run into issues getting their console out of standby mode? I've run into this twice so far where in console simply won't wake up from sleep.

I shut the console down via voice commands and return later and find it won't respond to voice commands to wake up. Hitting the controller home button or the capacitive button on the console do not wake the device either. When this happens pressing the button on the console does result in a beep.

So far the only way to resolve the issue seems to be pulling the plug. But maybe someone here with more experience has other ideas?

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Mine will not respond to "Xbox On" no matter how loud or slowly I say it; which is pretty annoying since its one of the most useful functions. Hitting the button on the controller or console has worked fine for me though.

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Another interesting observation. The console seems oddly hot during standby mode to me. I wouldn't expect a system in standby mode to be nearly that warm. I was tempted to hit the system with an infrared thermometer so I could compare it to when it's running but didn't. Poor judgement without more coffee.

I'm guessing this is a symptom of whatever bug i'm encountering.

Oops - For those wondering I've been using the Instant-on power profile. I'm going to switch it over to Energy-Saving mode and see if that helps any.

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If you set it to energy saving it might help on the heat related side but it basically acts like the 360. The console powers down and the light on the power brick changes to orange (it stays blue/white in instant on mode) and can only be turned on with the button on the front of the console or on the controller.

Also worth noting, The boot up time in energy saving mode is quite a bit longer.

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man that kind of thing drives me insanely crazy, i'd be yelling my lungs out at it at this point

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Funny moment today. I woke up and decided to try to turn on the system via voice command. It worked just as advertised, which made me very happy. It hadn't auto-logged me in because I was still in bed, where it often can't see me unless I sit up rather high. So I spent the next 30 minutes watching TV, then when I go up and walk past the Kinect I get the hello message that I had been recognized and logged in. One of those cool new gadget moments that I was very enthused about and responded with, "Well, hello, Xbox." xD