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Which did you go to?

Hunger games?

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Neither, picking up my Xbox in just about 2 hours! :D

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Both interest me equally little.

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I got both A Link Between Worlds and the XBone. Just happened to have promo credit that made up for almost all of the difference in buying LBW.

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I actually read those Hunger Game books because I thought the setting and overall idea behind the plot was cool - but boy, it's some really poor 'young adult' writing in there. I can't even imagine what the movie for the third book will look like since the book takes a turn for crazy-town.

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Neither, but I'll likely be getting SM3DW before the day's done.

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@mb said:

I skipped both and got A Link Between Worlds instead.

I'll be playing this while waiting for my Xbox One to show up.

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I don't go to movies very often, but I did quite enjoy the first HG movie. I suppose that would be my choice as I don't envision picking up and X1 for at least a year-18 months

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If I were to make any purchases today, it would be Super Mario 3D World. As it is, I am sick, and will likely not leave home today.