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#101 Posted by HaltIamReptar (2029 posts) -

Glad you could dismiss the concern of thousands of people with a few sentences. PHEW!

#102 Edited by light_grenade (124 posts) -

@geraltitude: It was already stated by the VP of microsoft phil harrison that the fee is going to be full retail price at the time, so unless they backtrack on that...

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@light_grenade: Oh okay, didn't realize that was confirmed. So great.

Now it's 100% sure the fee is stupid.

So much news going around, hard to keep up - thought MS execs were still not saying what the fee was. I think Phil Harrison "spoke out of turn" and then later someone said "oh no we haven't announced the fee". You'll have to check this out yourself for now but pretty sure that's the current status of this issue.

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Seems they are going the Steam route. As far as I know I can't buy or sell used Steam games...