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Been enjoying the hell of the snap feature. There's a lot of small problems that will probably be fixed and adressed in the future, but man, I want a big ass TV now...

#2 Posted by ragintaft (53 posts) -

Yeah, I just got a 50" TV, and the snapped window is pretty damn tiny. It's hard for me to make out the score on a football game with it snapped, but the feature is pretty slick for having on some sporting event or mindless reality TV while running around for collectables in AC IV.

The obvious things that need to be fixed: Volume control for both windows. The auto volume control works sometimes, but they definitely need at least a way to mute one window.

I've also found that streaming video is sometimes stuttery while snapped. And video snapped in IE is a mess. I tried to watch Unprofessional Wednesdays snapped. The quality full screen was fine, but snapped was unwatchable.

But, overall I like the feature, and think it has some cool potential.

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And then you'll become adjusted to the size of your 60" set, and using the snap feature will make you want a 70" TV. It's a trap, dude. Don't fall for it.

#4 Posted by Jeff (5326 posts) -

I have a big TV and the video playback in the snap view is still too small. Seems pointless.

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I want a big ass TV because text size is too damn small this gen.

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Even with a 60", the snap is still too small to watch a lot of stuff.... but it is cool to keep an eye on the (insert sporting event here)

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I also like the activiy feed you can snap. I wish they would design a facebook or twitter app customed for the snap feature so that text, comments etc are readable. I guess it will be really useful when twitch comes in play for the chat. Anyway, for now I'm snapping TED talks and music player..