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I thought it was confirmed that you'd be able to run a 360 through an Xbox one through HDMI to use the Xbox One's interface/controller to play your old games.

Or am I crazy and dreaming this all up?

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@big_jon: He said you could plug it in through the Xbone HDMI in but all that would do is display the Xbox 360 signal to play games. You won't be able to play with the xbone controller or any of the fancy new stuff.

Also you were crazy.

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They have not really said anything more about. But he did say you could

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He said you could in an interview at E3 and he confirmed it during his PAX Prime Podcast.

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Well that's good to hear but I hope they have features planned for that and not just running it through to save an HDMI port.

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I really hope there is an interface. I mean, that is kind of asking for a lot, but still.

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It ain't no 32X, dawg.

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It was just confirmed that you can plug ANY hdmi device in and use the Xbox one's snap multitasking interface. This includes the PS4 of course. Pretty cool feature if you ask me.

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I remember reading about some new xbox 360 model similar in size to the HD-DVD drive they had that would stream 360 games to the XBone and allow somewhat of a frankenstein backwards compatibility. A regular xbox hooked through the HDMI port is simply a video loop through. You would still be using 360 controllers, storage, and online functionality. It is really just freeing up an HDMI port on your TV..more or less..

*EDIT*After looking more into it the "Peripheral" seems to be more or less just a rumor. If anything they will offer backwards compatibility the same way Sony is doing so. We will see I guess.