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This is kind of a big deal to me. Haven't played a game with the vibration turned on since forever, since it puts me off and distracts me a lot of the time. Yet, it seems as though there's no way to disable vibration at a system level like what the 360 had, and I'm having trouble finding it in some game options as well (Forza 5, I heard BF4 doesn't have an option either). Has anyone been able to find out if there's a way to do it. I guess I could put up with it if there's no other choice, but this isn't the most desired option for me.

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You'd have to be a monster to play without vibration on. That said, it's weird that there's no option.

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@ll_exile_ll: Soft vibration is fine, but some games take it waaaay too far. I played Titanfall at Eurogamer Expo in September and the controller was basically going nuts the entire time.

EDIT: Turns out you can turn vibration off, at least in Forza 5 after completing the first series, but this particular controller is growing on me. I think I may leave it on, at least for this game.

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I talked with a Microsoft support person about this. There is no way to turn it off system wide. It can only be turned off per game only if supported by the game. I am sure that this feature will be release in an update.

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I come with good news people, to turn the vibration (Rumble) off on forza 5 what you need to do is...

1st) go to the start screen

2nd) scroll to forza profile

3rd) scroll right 5 times to controller

4th) go down to the rumble setting

5th) turn this to the proffered choice on/off

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I usually shut off rumble on my 360 because it kills batteries like nothing.

It's 2014 and apparently this is still an issue.

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You'd have to be a monster to play without vibration on. That said, it's weird that there's no option.

Vibration actually makes my wrists feel bad. It's uncomfortable and bothersome every time it happens, so yes I'd prefer it if I could turn it off at the system level.

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For now it seems it's relegated to game specific, possibly system level vibration settings will come in the future. I've not noticed the rumble being an impediment to enjoyment or anything but I've also been playing with xbox rumble since it's existed so I think it's a thing you get used to (over the last decade at least :) ). I've always liked rumble though, playing my recently purchased ps3 is weird to me cause even games with rumble do so at what seems like 10% the strength I'm used to from a 360 controller, it's kinda neat simply because it's different but I'm not sure which I prefer. I don't think it's that big a deal for me either way, just something I get used to and it becomes another tool to gauge interaction between me and the game (the way it should be).