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#1 Posted by insouciant (853 posts) -

Since the new Xbox is called Xbox One, what do we call the original Xbox released in 2001? (I searched if someone already asked this question and couldn't find it as a topic.)

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I'm going to continue to call all Xboxes Xbox.

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You call it Xbox.

#4 Posted by BigJeffrey (4885 posts) -

OG Box.

#5 Posted by Wolverine (4569 posts) -

The Original Xbox

#6 Edited by Chibithor (584 posts) -

Xbox 01, to stress that it's the one released in 2001.

#7 Posted by Winternet (8234 posts) -

If you listen to the dumptruck from Jeff, the dude calls it Xbox 1. So, that's confusing.

#8 Edited by Gruff182 (905 posts) -

Xbox 1

#9 Posted by JoeyRavn (5108 posts) -

You call it Xbox.

Now, that's just silly. Why would you call it "Xbox", when it's clearly named "Xbox"?

#10 Posted by PenguinDust (12728 posts) -

I choose to call it "Xbox Alpha" or simply, the Alpha.

#11 Posted by supamon (1339 posts) -

This was my first thought when they revealed the name. They had to know this was going to cause some confusion.

On topic I'd say Xbox 2001.

#12 Posted by BeachThunder (12987 posts) -

Xbox one, as oppose to Xbox One.

#13 Posted by Mezmero (2279 posts) -

Xbox pre60

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@insouciant: You said it. The Original Xbox. That's what many people have called it for years. I've never heard it called the "Xbox 1". Sometimes you hear "First Xbox", but usually it's "The Original Xbox" or "The Old Xbox".

So, while some of us who care about nomenclature might find it a little confusing when talking about the history of Xbox, it's likely not going to be a practical problem in any significant way. The X1 is just something we'll get used to and most consumers will easily figure out.

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The first Xbox.

#16 Posted by Jimbo (10146 posts) -
#17 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2600 posts) -

Dat Old Xbox, OG Loc

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The OldBox.

#19 Posted by deathstriker666 (1349 posts) -

Xbox Zero

#20 Posted by Mayu_Zane (674 posts) -

Xbox Prime.

#21 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5094 posts) -

Big Black Console

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#23 Posted by mrfizzy (1651 posts) -

"The original Xbox" is what I will go with, unless I want to mix it up in which case it will be the "Xbox Classic".

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Xbox U. This is is the gen of confusing names, so MS should fuck with Nintendo's shit to make up for Sony playing it conservative with "PS4".

#26 Posted by FunkasaurasRex (855 posts) -

Xbox Original

#27 Edited by BBAlpert (1786 posts) -

Xbox Classic. Or we can just call the new console "X Bone"

#28 Posted by stalefishies (364 posts) -

Xbox 359

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The "Forgot it Existed Xbox" since that's what Microsoft seems to do. Do they ever acknowledge that thing was even a thing?

#31 Posted by natedawg_kz (258 posts) -

The PS2 game porter.

#32 Posted by Cheesebob (1285 posts) -

Xbox 2001

#33 Posted by onan (1332 posts) -

You call it Playstation One.

Wait. Now I'm confused.

#34 Posted by Svenzon (791 posts) -

Xbox 180.

#35 Posted by SavePoint (103 posts) -

XBox 1, and the new one XBone.

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The oldbox?

#37 Posted by cheapandtacky (133 posts) -

Since the new Xbox is called Xbox One, what do we call the original Xbox released in 2001? (I searched if someone already asked this question and couldn't find it as a topic.)

The original Xbox same as we always did

#38 Posted by audioBusting (1719 posts) -

Playstation became PSX, so... Xboxx?

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The XBOX Oldsmobile

#40 Posted by Orange (227 posts) -

Forget the original Xbox... What do we call the NEXT Xbox? Xbox One 2? This is a serious dilemma, duders.

#41 Posted by Herk (209 posts) -

@orange: Xbox One 2? Why not Xbox Two?

#42 Edited by Yagami (651 posts) -

I call the first one "Xbox". The second one, I just called it "Xbox". This new one... I'm calling it "FUCKING SHIT!"

Back to the names...

As for PS. I called the 1:st one "Playstation/PS". I called PSOne "PSOne". Playstation 2, I called "Playstation 2/PS2". Playstation 3, "Playstation 3/PS3". I'm thinking about calling the new Playstation 4 the "Playstation 4/PS4".

So yes, the new shit from MS will be called "FUCKING SHIT!".

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Xbox the first

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In soviet Russia we call Eks Boks.

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XBOX the First.

We name consoles like we name monarchs.

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