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Is this for real? You can't copy saves to a memory card? I was confused by how you do it on PS4 (it's actually not hard, just the wording looked different from what I was used to), so I'm double checking to make sure I'm not just screwing up again.

When you see what's on your hard drive you can delete installs, and I guess separately you can delete saves...but I don't see any way to copy them off...

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If by memory card you mean USB stick then I think the answer is no. I believe the only external memory options you have is using a Hard Drive with a capacity of 256 gigs or more.

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All save data is backed up to the cloud servers for all users and will automatically sync when you load a game on another xbox. Of course if you've got a game like Forza5 with massive save data that's bit of a ball-ache.

Otherswise, it's as @oscar__explosion says, you need a 256gb+ usb drive to move data to.

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So you actually can copy saves...IF the drive is big enough?

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I imagine the reason that feature doesn't exist is because Microsoft feels they've got it covered by the cloud saves - it's like a big automatic memory card in the sky.

My understanding was that even on the 360 saves were tied to the account they were created with, so you'd have to log into the other XBOne as yourself anyway, at which point the other XBOne will download your saves automatically. No need for external storage.