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Welcome to the official Xbox One Midnight Launch Event topic!

Hello Giant Bomb community! The launch of the Xbox One is upon us with only about 10 hours to go at this point. Many of you will be attending midnight release events in your hometowns, or even traveling to special events, either to get your long-ago preordered consoles or standing in line all night hoping to get lucky! (With a console, not at a trendy bar or something) As you know, this will mean a flurry of activity all over the internet and on Giant Bomb. To help manage things on the forums, this topic is intended as a catch-all for all discussion about various midnight release events.

Please keep this on topic as much as possible! This thread is only for discussion of Xbone launch events (both televised and events you are attending to buy Xbones) No off-topic discussion at any time, or tangents about specific games or other consoles. Any off topic posts may be removed. This thread will also be kept pinned and then used as the location for discussion during Giant Bomb's Xbox One live stream event at 11am PST on Nov 22nd.

Share your plans with the rest of us!

  • Are you going to a midnight release?
  • Going alone or with friends?
  • Bringing stuff to do? Handhelds? Board games? Liquor? All of the above?
  • Preordered your console online? Did it ship yet? Already receive it like some lucky people?

Hope everyone has fun with the launch this weekend!

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im going to a midnight launch. (those things are terrible)

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That banner is actually pretty great. I wouldn't change it.

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Enjoy the One, guys! I'm just going to be over here enjoying my PS4 with a silent jealousness that I won't be able to play Forza/DR3.

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Going to a midnight launch at the MS store here in KC. They're generally pretty terrible, but I'm hoping for the best. Bourbon will be on-hand.

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Wait, is there going to be a launch event livestream like the PS4 had? Or is the livestream you're talking about the livestream tomorrow?

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Yeah, there is yet another Spike TV / GameTrailers launch event tonight at 11PM EST / 8PM PST.

Featuring performances by Macklemore and Deadmau5, so...yeah

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I'll likely be in line during this.

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@truthtellah: Yeah, there is yet another Spike TV / GameTrailers launch event tonight at 11PM EST / 8PM PST.

Featuring performances by Macklemore and Deadmau5, so...yeah

ahh... Well, I guess I will give it a look. Someone's gotta watch it, right?

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Alright. Here we go. I've taken my pain meds. I'm ready for the Xbox One launch.

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Geoff Keighley: "Xbox, go to Los Angeles!"

*nothing happens for a minute*


*screen cuts to Los Angeles*

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phil is making a face like he's smelling something fowl.

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deadm3452s looks like he's about to crash.

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I miss time square

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Tune in and see an interview with Deadmau5. This should be a great hour of my life.

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@turboman said:

Tune in and see an interview with Deadmau5. This should be a great hour of my life.

That was a super awkward interview.

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By the way, is Lococycle and Crimson Dragon even on par with some Sony's Indie games like Octodad and Contrast?

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Taco Bell vs. McDonalds. Whoever wins we die of cardiac arrest.

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@crithon said:

By the way, is Lococycle and Crimson Dragon even on par with some Sony's Indie games like Octodad and Contrast?

Contrast is multiplatform and sucks.

Octodad looks like a ton of fun though, maybe the better question would be "on par with Octodad and Resogun" and the answer is no.

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@turboman: yup, but I mean is Lococycle even considered on par with those two games because they have the special label of being indie? "It's got a few bugs, it's dumb fun." Because Sony really has that mind share of "PS4 is indie machine for those who don't want to try to run dos box and 3 overlays on steam"

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Have they said there would be any announcements or anything? This is just boring.

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"I played Xbox nonstop for the past 8 years and all I got was this gold card"

Also, is Keighly in the old TRL studio?

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@turboman: OOOOOHHHH MY GOD, I didn't notice that until you said that. Yes it is.

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"Twelve times the level of detail we've ever seen."

What does that mean? BTW, I like the way Forza looks. That's just a really weird and unspecific thing to say.

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Is DeadMau5 just making fart noises?

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@aegon: the song wasn't going anywhere so they cut to an interview and then more commercials. why even have him perform?

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This is what Rave music looks like when everybody's sober.

Wait, who's this Deadmau5 fan who's supposedly hardcore enough of a Deadmau5 fan to bring a sign of his STANDING OUTSIDE WHILE DEADMAU5 IS PERFORMING?!

Man, both of these release parties are so different in tone.

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so uhhhhhhh, dead mouse is a thing? So which one is the kill bill house of blue leaves fight outfit with cat ear biker helmet? Or is that like a cosplayer?

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Kleptok's old friend.

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Someone said "y ps4 people watching" in the chat.

I did not expect south park to be so accurate.

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hey! FFXV and Kingdom Hearts 3! didn't know they were going multiplatform. that's cool, albeit jumping in on Kingdom Hearts 3 might be crazy.

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Metal Gear Exclusive Content? Thought Playstation was getting that?

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RIght. On. Spike. Right. After. This. Can. I. Stop. Now.

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that's a decent Sizzle Reel, I feel adding FF15 and KH3 helps to remind people who forgot it's multiplatform. Project spark didn't know it could go 2d, but reminds me how there's no indie games to be shown there, not even a Below logo or even some family friendly kinect game. I'm reminded of that comment from Infinity Ward saying "CoD players aren't hardcore gamers"

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@theht: that was announced after the Sony conference E3 presentation.

See, that was effective.

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new quantum break footage, Watching this was worth it.

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i don't want to watch this anymore but there's only 15 minutes left and i've watched all 20 minutes of show and 30 minutes of commercials so i might as well stay but i don't get anyhing if i keep going but i can't close the tab because oh god send help.

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@bigjeffrey: do you think it plays like Alan Wake combat? Just a guy sliding with a gun. But yeah I thought it was cool to see it, and I still want to see the Live action stuff.

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@theht: What if J Allard appears? and you miss him?

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All these knobs with their camera phones recording during a concert.

So bad

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This thing is the literal worst.

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why does major nelson always sound like he needs to spit.

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This was amazing. Not in the way Microsoft or Gametrailers wants it to be, but still amazing.

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it's much much much much smaller then a football stadium, maybe smaller then a elementary school gym

that was terrible, nothing on par with memorable meme quotes. I still quote 360 e3 presentation lines, that whole market speak is delightful. Geoff can stay on target and make a somewhat decent production but man, looks like he slapped this together over night. Wow. Just reminded Pokemon X/Y Launch event just a few blocks down near 30 rock was pretty much larger