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I'm finally ready to play Enemy Unknown, and I'm hoping for some feedback as to which platform would be best. PC isn't an option for me, and I've heard tales of bugs galore on the console versions. However, PS3 and 360 are what I have to work with. Any and all guidance is welcome.

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Played it on the PS3. No issues.

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The PS3 version has more slowdown. For a turn based strategy game, that's not a major issue, but it's one worth keeping in mind.

I don't know if the 360 version has the same framerate issues.

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if you're worried about bugs don't be - it's buggy on every platform!

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if you're worried about bugs don't be - it's buggy on every platform!

Yep. It´s a game by Firaxis, so there are going to be some bugs in there. But don´t worry, it´s totally worth it. I played it on PC and didn´t have a single crash. Only a few odd turns.

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Buy a PC.

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Bugs out the ass, doesn't matter what you play it on; still a fun game though.

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In light of multi-platform bugginess, I reckon I'll go with the 360; achievements and whatnot. Thanks a million, dudes.


@carryboy: Thanks for pointing me to that DF article; it was helpful. Don't know why I didn't check there myself, I should know better. Good heads up.

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Buy a PC.

There's basically no advantage to the PC version apart from some mod support. I'd even say the game plays better with a gamepad.

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@winternet: You poor thing, although it shouldn't come as a surprise that you didn't know what to do with her. On the other hand, yo mama played very well - with my balls.

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