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I was combing through the 3ds eshop today and saw that this game is now available for digital download. Game is only $24.99 and I still have my 30 dollars from the nintendo SMTIV + Fire Emblem deal so I'm thinking of taking the plunge. My question is do I need to play 999 in order to have any understanding of what's happening in this game or can I play Virtue's Last Reward by itself?

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No. They do explicitly go over the events of 999 in VLR, but I strongly recommend actually playing through 999.

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It's not required, but playing 999 will help. Play it like Patrick suggested and get an ending or two without a guide and then guide it up for the true ending.

I love these games so much! So glad you're about to take the plunge.

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I would play 999 before Virtue's Last Reward. There is enough call backs to the first game in VLR that it would be better if you understood there significance by playing 999.

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You just have to wrap your head around a bunch of bullshit more or less. The premise is really what makes it interesting moreso than the logic. Axe ending is the best ending. Pushmaster 5000 is the best part. Not being able to see faces makes you pure evil.

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I think 999 has a better story though VLR certainly has better systems that makes certain things less tedious. There are a decent amount of callbacks to 999 that would enhance your enjoyment of VLR but I wouldn't call it strictly necessary.

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No, I got two one of 999s endings and i hated the way it presented its dialog.

Virtues last reward was more enjoyable, I found it occupied my interest more. And it was also so much easyer to play the other endings. I also have a intrest in the mechanics used in the story of VLR ( trying to advoid spoilers by not spelling them out ).

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I think you should.

There are some important story points in VLR that you probably won't be able to appreciate unless you play 999 first.