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The long-awaited ZombiU patch hit Wii Us worldwide starting yesterday (March 26, 2013).

Nice to see such things as framerate improvements included! I haven't come across any hiccups in my time with game yet so glad to see it's gonna be an even smoother ride from now on!

The full ZombiU update notes are posted below.

  • . On Mission 12, in the Nursery MAP, the interaction with the door in the basement of nursery was missing at rebirth if specific steps were followed.
  • . On Mission 13, in the Gas Station MAP, a Mission object that is mandatory to complete the objective was missing if specific steps were followed.
  • . On Mission 14, in the Circus MAP, if the player died right after recovering his Backpack, and rebooted the Wii U console, the objective was not updated.
  • . On Mission 15, in the Bunker MAP, the Panacea disappeared after the Player died while downloading it. However the objective remained the same (download Panacea).
  • . On Mission 10, in the Tower MAP, the Objective “Secure landing site” was not validated if specific steps were followed.
  • . On Mission 15, in the Bunker MAP, if specific steps were followed, the Player might get stuck in the Bunker after he took Doctor’s eye / Panacea because a Ladder disappeared.
  • . On Mission 16, in the MAP Safe House, the iron curtain in the Safe House lacked of collision during Mission 16. This Bug could lead to a scoring exploit on leaderboards.
  • . In the Safe House MAP, the Player saw a placeholder text when he dragged & dropped an item from the Blue Box to his holsters following certain steps.
  • . On Mission 12 or 15, in the Nursery MAP, the game crashed if the Player burned the Zombi Nurse while she died.
  • . Zombies animations transitions.
  • . Online messages spawned in the first section of the MAPs.
  • . Scanner’s start volume.
  • . Uplay cricket bat Cast Shadow has been removed.
  • . Optimizations of the framerate
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Nice, I just brought this in to work for the patrons to play on a whim today.

...now I have to go update the damn thing before they all get here.

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@def: can you maybe help me.. mine didnt prompt me to download the patch so my game is still broken. :( any idea how to fix it.?

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@rachiisawesome: are you absolutely sure you haven't "accidentally" downloaded it in the background? what region are you in? the patch is definitely live in both NA and EU.