DLC plans

#1 Posted by evanomeara (93 posts) -

I have been wondering if there are plans on realizing more content like the rally expansion or is it all just car packs from now on out. I've looked around but can't seem to find any info about it (probably because there isn't any)

Loving the game and plan on getting the expansion but is there really any benefit for me to get the season pass if I am not that much interested in getting new cars.

#2 Posted by randiolo (1150 posts) -

I wouldn't mind a Midnight Club/NFS underground setting in a city. a bit much for DLC but just adding more cars or rallying is a little boring. A fast n furious with thoes driving physics will be ace.

#3 Posted by mcmax3000 (300 posts) -

I'd say it's pretty unlikely that there will be another expansion, but if there is, it wouldn't be covered by the Season Pass, so if all you're interested in are expansions, and not car packs, I'd recommend doing what I did... Skip the Season Pass, and just buy the expansion(s) separately.

#4 Posted by evanomeara (93 posts) -

@mcmax3000: Yeah think I will just be doing that, thanks anyway

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