Forza Horizon: New "open world" Forza game coming this fall

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Well, provided this is real, I'd be content with an open-world Forza, an XBLA Forza, or something else more arcade-like in play. A PGR-meets-Forza game would be pretty cool.

I guess as long as it's not a Kinect-only Forza game, I'll be happy. Just about any other possibility could be interesting.

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Forza Paradise is an appealing idea.

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I really have no idea what to think about this. It is cool that they are doing something different. I love Forza 3 and 4 but it was probably time to try something new.

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Does every race end with an FMV performance from Coachella?

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I think this has the potential to be really fucking cool.

@PsEG said:

A PGR-meets-Forza game would be pretty cool.

I had to change my pants after this.

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I would totally buy this.

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Anything with Forza involved is something I buy

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dammit!! both have been removed

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At the risk of this video biting the dust, here's the one I've been viewing all this time.

I think the "Tone Trailer" part is important to keep in mind for anyone who takes issue with this showing nothing in the way of gameplay.

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Sounds like a really cool idea to me. Chill out to some good music, race some fast cars, do whateves. I don't really care for racing games at all but I'd totes be down for something like this.

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Here a link to an article floating around out there:

Main Forza will still be every other year. But now they have another team, Playground (composed of members from TOCA, GRID, Codemasters), working on other Forza products during the off-years. We'll be hearing more today from GDC it seems.

EDIT: Seconds after I posted, this poppped up on my twitter feed:

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@PsEG said:

At the risk of this video biting the dust, here's the one I've been viewing all this time.

I think the "Tone Trailer" part is important to keep in mind for anyone who takes issue with this showing nothing in the way of gameplay.

Thank's for the functioning YouTube link, I added it to the first post. Yeah, it's good to remember that the first trailer for Forza 4 was very similar. All "tone" and zero gameplay. Also, this game seems to be very real according to an interview Dan Greenawalt gave to

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Alongside this announcement it also appears that a Porsche Expansion Pack for Forza 4 is also on it's way, from CVG:

Turn 10 revealed it's to release a Porsche expansion for Forza 4, adding 30 modern and classic Porsche vehicles, 20 new world tour events and ten new Achievements. It's due out in May

Colour me interested in both, I need a proper reason to return to Forza 4 rather than just a few cars every month, and a more arcadey Forza game from former Codemasters, Bizzare Creations Staff?

Yes please.

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From what (little) Turn 10 has said about the game, it seems to me that this studio was form specifically to expand the Forza franchise. Given that, and the fact that they've been working on it since 2009, this will be a full retail game.

I think it'll be a PGR meets Dirt sort of game, with a Forza-like experience.

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Also, I didn't see any in the teaser, but are there any Collectors in this game? That would be kinda crazy and kinda rad at the same time.

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I've been hoping for someone to take the Test Drive Unlimited concept and run with it ever since TDU2 hit all the right feature check-boxes but completely failed to be to the right game. Paradise and the latest NFS entries are more Crazy Taxi than quality racers. Please let somebody finally fulfill the promise hinted at by TDU1.

This is an exciting idea, but it looks like, hey girl, hey boy, hey lame techno music, keep your hopes in check.

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Interesting, also, bonus points for using Chemical Brothers music.

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Looks like it could be very test drive style.

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I would say I'm cautiously very optimistic.

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would be cool like a cannonball thing like need for spreed the run..but much better and longer races..was abit miffed they took out the long distance races and made them heats..

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