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#51 Posted by eadams1975 (3 posts) -

@PsEG: I grabbed my Limited Addition pack today. I am a clean, fast drive 36yrs old using Fanatic CSR Forza wheel with Elite pedals. I Am on mostly late at night.

GT is motomxman34

Thanks..Happy driving

#52 Posted by StanleyMorales (2 posts) -

Been playing all day, loving the game. Count me in. StanTheMan314

#53 Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar (1160 posts) -

Gt is Zamericanlionz. Ill jump out of my current club if I get an invite since the race nights here fit my schedule perfectly.

#54 Posted by cthomp1329 (5 posts) -

Hi there, I would like to join the club if space is still available. My gamer tag is: IrateCargo

Thank you

#55 Posted by Stahlbrand (889 posts) -

Bought the game on my way home from work this morning, GT is Stahlbrand


#56 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1795 posts) -

Club me baby! EarlessShrimp

#57 Posted by faustyn (654 posts) -


gt: falek

#58 Posted by Trucker_Sean (48 posts) -

Yes Please! My leaderboards are EMPTY since all my friends are waiting for NFS because they don't like good things.

GT: Udir

#59 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1795 posts) -

@Trucker_Sean: can't they do both?! that's what I'm doing! [sinister laugh]

#60 Posted by Trucker_Sean (48 posts) -

@EarlessShrimp: That's what I'm doing too! They all have excuses though. Something about "money" and "families" or something. I dunno, I couldn't hear them over the sounds of my LFA engine screaming along to sick drops ;D

#61 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1795 posts) -

@Trucker_Sean: man they need to learn to budget money! to be honest I pre-ordered and paid for NFS mooonths ago just in case.

#62 Posted by Demoskinos (16440 posts) -

I wanna get some of these free roam challenges done.... was doing a session but I don't think anyone understood what they were even doing. We were doing the dodge challenge and people weren't sticking around at the starting line nor even in dodges. *sigh*

#63 Posted by j3ffro919 (260 posts) -

@Demoskinos: I haven't even dabbled in the online challenges yet, but I would like to. Perhaps we should try to set something up for a different night than Tuesday that is challenge-centric with the caveat that everyone needs to pay attention/work together.

And I promise I'm not trying to lead a coup against you :D

#64 Posted by Demoskinos (16440 posts) -

@j3ffro919: Possibly, because if anyone is wanting the achievement for doing 10 of the challenges there is going to have to be some amount of teamwork involved. I'd like to S-Rank this and that looks totally doable outside of having to rely on others for the free roam challenges.

#65 Posted by j3ffro919 (260 posts) -

@Demoskinos: Same here, I S-Ranked FM4 and even though I'm usually not much of an achievement hunter, I'd like to do the same to this one.

On that note, if someone would like to buy my paint job for the Aventador for 1kcredits I'd be happy to return the favor. :D

#66 Posted by darkjohnny47 (151 posts) -

i would like to get all the achievements also, which is why i wanted to get some challenges done. i have a vinyl group for sale also for 1k. let me know if you guys want to try the challenges again.

gamertag: johnny5x47 (if you need it)

#67 Posted by marcmann2 (43 posts) -

I sent a club request in game but just in case this is easier...

GT is marcmann2

#68 Posted by Dayve86 (79 posts) -

Just got the game. Loving it so far.

GT: Dayve86

#69 Posted by ARTB (36 posts) -

Apparently the game is telling me Horizon server is down so I'll post here and apply in game when it's back up, otherwise I'll wait and hope for an invite.

Gamertag: stealthfragger

#70 Posted by SpudBug (707 posts) -

Gamer tag "JerBeep" Really digging Forza horizon. Nobody else I know plays it though.

#71 Posted by Trace (3682 posts) -

As a heads-up, any outstanding invites will go out sometime tomorrow, in the morning at the earliest. Apologies for that.

I also didn't want to mention this, but I'll go ahead and say it anyways just to be nice: If you send a request to join and don't post in this thread, I'm going to delete your request. I need proof you're one of us, since letting non-duders in would clog the club up and defeat our very purpose!

Plus, it is kind of step two. Do not defy step two!

#72 Edited by l4wd0g (2231 posts) -

I would love to join if there is room

GT: l4wd0g

@PsEG thanks for all the hard work running these events/groups

#73 Posted by Detway81 (17 posts) -

GT: Detway

#74 Posted by miccrhaafetl (2 posts) -
I would like to join. my GT is miccrhaafetl
#75 Posted by maskedplague (10 posts) -

GT: Masked Plague

I joined the car club. Love this game so far.

#76 Posted by Consaw (261 posts) -

I would like to join. GT:consaw

#77 Posted by MrRedwine (446 posts) -

I guess I better post in here, then... Rule 2 and all. But i'm already in the club, so that's cool. :) Thanks

#78 Edited by DeusofMemoria (8 posts) -

Count me in GT: Tigershark IV

#79 Posted by RainDog505 (118 posts) -

Hope there is still some room for me! GT: RainDog5050

#80 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1795 posts) -

I should have a mic for our next event so I'm not awkwardly silent and straining to hear the voices of people over the initially insanely loud dubstep and engine rev. They damp the music and SE but it really doesn't help, I had to turn off the music and turn down SE WAAAAAY low.

#81 Posted by Demoskinos (16440 posts) -

Great late nite sessions with the duders. I rage quit that last race. Heh, kept plowing into the damn guard rails at 250mph. -___-;; But hey....this is the first racing game where I actually feel competitive at least. I won a few and placed top 3 a bunch of times. Good races guys.

#82 Posted by MrRedwine (446 posts) -

@EarlessShrimp said:

I should have a mic for our next event so I'm not awkwardly silent and straining to hear the voices of people over the initially insanely loud dubstep and engine rev. They damp the music and SE but it really doesn't help, I had to turn off the music and turn down SE WAAAAAY low.

We'll all just start yelling more.

#83 Posted by mfpantst (2651 posts) -

@Demoskinos: HA! Yeah, sorry about that, it was whatever time it was and I was ready to go so I tried out the freeway blast with the view forced to cockpit at midnight. That was.... interesting... But I agree, the 'skill' to succeed in this game is different than in the motorsport games and that's nice. Obviously some guys, like are still going to be in the lead or top every race, but it's nice to have a fighting chance here and then. Great races! Looking forward to more!

#84 Posted by Demoskinos (16440 posts) -
@mfpantst It was interesting that is for sure. Those R1 cars in cockpit are nuts to control once you get over 200. And yeah I have no idea how sushi goes as fast as he does (hax obviously :-P ) been trying to take down some speed cams and sushi has some crazy crazy speeds.
#85 Posted by mfpantst (2651 posts) -

@Demoskinos: I worked out a neat way to work through speed cams this morning. Online free roam mode in a private lobby. Less traffic that way. Some of the speeds you end up running idk how you'd get there otherwise. Also, try the veyron ss in the club garage, it'll go about 270 if you have the road.

#86 Posted by Charles4U (34 posts) -

I'd love a place on the car club. Hopefully I'm not too late. Gamertag: Charles4u

#87 Posted by bigwhiteyeti (51 posts) -

Count me in if there's still room!

Gamertag is


#88 Posted by Demoskinos (16440 posts) -
@mfpantst That actually a great idea. That is one of my problems I always have to adjust for traffic which causes me to either lose speed or bite it. Im saving up for the Ferrari F50 and going to tweak that sucker to the max. But man is that thing expensive going to wait until I have 2.5 Mil to buy it.
#89 Edited by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

No doubt I'll be joining the club soon as I get my copy of Horizon this weekend. I feel bad for missing the past few months of Forza 4 race nights, but I've been physically separated from my wheel and it just doesn't feel the same without it.

GT is Bionic Bromando

Also I might as well ask here, but does anything import from Forza 4, or am I going to have to download a bunch of liveries and shit again?

EDIT: Just editing to say I bought the game so I'm ready for the club when y'all are.

#90 Edited by MrOldboy (1037 posts) -

Got invite, but having trouble accepting. Saying I need gold even though I just redeemed a 12 month code a few hours before. Will try again soon.

Please dont fill up the club I would really like to join.

#91 Posted by mfpantst (2651 posts) -

@Demoskinos: Yeah, if you play around enough you'll get the old bugatti (eb) barn find. That car's damn fast too. If you look at the speed traps it owns many records, and that car you get for free pretty early on. But yeah in free roam online you get no traffic and to borrow club cars and someone made a veyron ss....

#92 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1795 posts) -

@mfpantst: you think I should share the firebird I souped up? It's an A class car, pretty nice but I haven't had a chance to really try it out.

#93 Posted by UberExplodey (980 posts) -

Good times last night duders, I would've stayed longer but my connection has been on the fritz.

@MikkaQ: You can definitely import your stuff over from 4

#94 Posted by ElGibbons (12 posts) -

Hey, I just sent a request in game. My gamertag is El Gibbons.

#95 Posted by GolazoDan (118 posts) -

Hey guys, I'd like to join if possible! My gamertag is GolazoDan.

#96 Posted by (3 posts) -

Hey I'd love to join too if there's room. Gamertag: g3sundheit


#97 Posted by Demoskinos (16440 posts) -

@mfpantst: Oh yeah. I already have that one. I've got it jacked up to R1 as well and its fast for sure someone made a Tron design for it which is pretty bad-ass even though its a pretty simple design.

#98 Posted by HelicopterSpy (164 posts) -

This game is pretty goddamned awesome. I wanna be part of the club!

My gamertag is HelicopterSpy

#99 Posted by mfpantst (2651 posts) -

@Demoskinos: that guy will go 250-260 on the highway and elsewhere :)

#100 Posted by XenoNick (1524 posts) -

Count me in. GT:XenoNick

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