The Giant Bomb Forza Horizon Car Club

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#251 Posted by Fustigate (24 posts) -

I picked this up with a black Friday deal. Wow! What a fantastic game.

Please add me to the car club when you get some room.

GT: fustigated one

#252 Posted by supercrack11 (2 posts) -

Gt: Dagannoth prime I would love to be in your club

#253 Posted by daigen (9 posts) -

If there's still room sign me up!

GT: Daigen

#254 Posted by CharleyTony (1021 posts) -

I want in !

gamertag: charleytony

#255 Posted by DoctorTran (1584 posts) -

I want in! I'm DoctorTran37 on XBL

#256 Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy (658 posts) -

I want in!

gamertag: zombienutz

See you on the road, duders.

#257 Posted by RoberttR (2 posts) -

Everyone add me my gamertag is RoberttR

#258 Posted by Knigge (208 posts) -

I'd like to join.


#259 Posted by nobull6 (231 posts) -

Hello! Would like to join: nobull6

#260 Posted by Doomed (270 posts) -

CAG Doomed


#261 Posted by NegativeCero (3084 posts) -

If there is space, I'd like to join up. Gamertag is NegativeCero.

#262 Posted by mintyice (220 posts) -

Can I join? My gamertag is "minty ice"

#263 Posted by Shookems (479 posts) -

GT oceans of green, if there's any spots left

#264 Posted by Trace (3674 posts) -

Two things:

  1. All invites pending have now been sent out. Sorry for the delay -- busy week -- although this mass club inviting/management might become a once-a-week thing for Horizon. We'll see.
  2. There are more invites pending than space in GB2 by quite a margin. I have an idea for purging GB2 of inactive members, but it will take a while. Accept my apologies, and understand I had no clue well over 200 of you would want to roll with Giant Bomb in Forza Horizon. Regardless! If you try to accept an invite and the club's full, delete your invite. That way, when space opens up, I'll know you tried to join. If I try sending an invite and it says you've already been invited, I have to assume you never touched the initial invitation I sent out., if only Microsoft would change their systems so that we can have more lenient club limitations...

#265 Posted by Sw1tchblade (2 posts) -

I wanna join the club.. GT: Sw1tchBl4de

#266 Posted by osuzoo08 (96 posts) -

hey you can take me out of the club gave the game to my brother in law GT OSUZOO08

#267 Posted by Evildutch (2 posts) -

Would love to join gt evildutch

#268 Edited by Dandalf (5 posts) -

I'd love to be in GB but if there are no openings, GB2 is great!

GT: Dandalph

Thanks in advance!

#269 Posted by Curtisaur (2 posts) -

Hey, I'd like to join if there is still space.

GT: Curtisaur

#270 Posted by McShank (1645 posts) -

Ill throw my name in since I have played it enough to know I made a good decision in buying an xbox for forza games :D

Gamertag for xboox is Mcshank7

#271 Posted by daedaluss (48 posts) -

Yo! Let's get this car club going. My gamertag is exist347. Thanks doggs. keep it real

#272 Posted by NoRemnants (427 posts) -

Beam me up Scotty!


#273 Posted by Neku054 (5 posts) -

Would love to join the club

GT: Neku054

#274 Posted by FailLobster (3 posts) -

Hope I'm not to late.

Gamertag- Fail Lobster

#275 Posted by FailLobster (3 posts) -

Hope I'm not to late.

Gamertag- Fail Lobster

#276 Edited by BeefyGrandmole (391 posts) -

Just got forza for Christmas so I'd love to join the GB club. GT BeefyGrandmole.

#277 Posted by BRich (444 posts) -

I'd love to join

GT: subzero579

#278 Posted by timli69 (2 posts) -

I know you guys wanna see my Supra !

So Gamertag: Timli69

#279 Posted by OtakuGamer (1366 posts) -

I would like to join. GT: Evolution X0 (zero)

#280 Posted by Shido151 (2 posts) -

I'd like to Join up: GT: Shido151

#281 Posted by Adam1705 (2 posts) -

Hey I would like to join the club, gamertag: GeekedGiraffe

#282 Posted by Subbeh (91 posts) -

Sounds like I'm a little late to the part but if any space opens up I'd love an invite!

GT: Subbeh

#283 Posted by ReCkLeSs_X (473 posts) -

I'd love to join the club!

GT: ReCkLeSs NeXt

#284 Posted by El_Jonson (12 posts) -

Finally got my copy and would like to join!

GT: The J Train

#285 Posted by Ely (6 posts) -

Fellow Forza Horizon holiday gift recipient here. Complete novice at racing games, but Horizon has its hooks in me. Any space left in the club?

Gamer tag: Ely114

#286 Posted by Poppduder (477 posts) -

Hit me up "STCIggy420" and no, that's not intended to be a pot reference.

#287 Posted by Akufen (21 posts) -

Duders, i'd like to join the club, gamertag: GreenAkufen

#288 Posted by Varnek (6 posts) -

Looking to join! Varnek is the tag.


#289 Posted by Doophys (2 posts) -

@PsEG: I would love to join a car club and this one sounds awesome! GT: Doophys

#290 Posted by nilssonmoodywells (2 posts) -

i would love to join the car club. my GAMERTAG is Foraben

#291 Posted by Khane (17 posts) -

I'd like to join.

GT is RespectKnuckles

#292 Posted by Kirton2012 (2 posts) -

I would like to join your club, Gamertag: Kirton2012

#293 Posted by toolzz360 (253 posts) -

id love to toolzz

#294 Posted by Pathos (220 posts) -

GT: RambunctiousRan

Count me in duders! :D

#295 Posted by Cakeman227 (2 posts) -

My gamer tag is cakeman227 thanks alot look forward to it.

#296 Posted by GamerAndrei8 (2 posts) -

Hi all, I really want to join the club, add me, GT: GamerAndrei8

#297 Posted by goinALLcity (2 posts) -

Hi, i'd like to join too, gamertag = goinALLcity


#298 Posted by TheGrumpyHatter (12 posts) -

I'd like to join the club, if there's space. My gamertag is TheGrumpyHatter

#299 Posted by inferno1321 (19 posts) -

I'd like to join. Gamer tag: B0ULIER THAT'S a zero not an O in there.

#300 Posted by Damax (74 posts) -

I'd like to join, my gamertag is: DarthDamax.

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