The Giant Bomb Forza Horizon Car Club

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#302 Posted by fuzzy510 (239 posts) -

Count me as interested. fuzzyjw510

#303 Posted by Fijit624 (2 posts) -

Im definitely interested in joining GT: Fijit624

#304 Posted by Crumpt (2 posts) -

Would love to join, GT: Crumpt, race everyday :)

#305 Posted by AmazingAl (2 posts) -

I'm an experienced forza champion, who's played all the forzas and is a highschool and university forza champion. add me, AmazingAl Lad

#306 Posted by DjDonFrancisco (300 posts) -

Would love to join Team Two. GT: DjDonFrancisco

#307 Posted by beanZfury (65 posts) -

i want in! BeanzFury.

#308 Posted by eX_Driskill (2 posts) -

Please invite me to club!

GT: eX Driskill

or friend request me if you want to do the multiplier free roam challenges!

#309 Posted by Silentgrinder (2 posts) -

I want to join if available GT: SilentGrinDrr

#310 Posted by Mondrup (8 posts) -

I would love an invite. Gt: Mondrup

#311 Posted by Staffy2 (2 posts) -

Hi i would love an invite to join please-staffy2

#312 Posted by Thumbrunner (135 posts) -

Picked the game up last week was wondering if I could join you all in some tuesday night Hooning? Gamer Tag: Thumbrunner Thanks see ya in Colorado!

#313 Posted by arcinguy (4 posts) -

Put me on the list homie, GT: Arcinguy

#314 Posted by Irishjohn (623 posts) -

I'd like to join please. Gamertag: Rockbear22

#315 Posted by sonofpork (2 posts) -

Yes please. My name is sonofpork ty

#316 Posted by Rizlaninja (2 posts) -

Up for it! Gamertag "Rizla Ninja"

#317 Edited by crcruz3 (309 posts) -

Please let me in!

GT: Shinjinarenai

#318 Edited by Headin (35 posts) -

Extremely late

GT Headin

#319 Posted by njoao99 (2 posts) -

GT is bbfreeskills

#320 Edited by LevelDock6 (2 posts) -

I'm interested as well, GT is LevelDock6 This game is way too much fun :D I can contribute some nice cars, but they're all pretty much basic in appearance. R1 GTR anyone?

#321 Edited by Sl0b0b0 (2 posts) -

I want to join. Gamertag: SlavKa44

#322 Posted by ExiledAstronaut (137 posts) -

If i can i would love to join.

My GT is: xicapt crunchix

#323 Posted by OldManLight (1076 posts) -

if anyone is still managing this, i'd love to join. GT: Old Man Light

#324 Posted by Boosted_Bullets92 (2 posts) -

Hi i am wanting to join your car club on horizon? My GamerTag is Boosted Bullets

i have only just started playing this game and am very impressed with it, i drive a toyota supra and i have most of the DLC for the game. i would be greatful if you could let me know if i am able to join?


#325 Posted by deathtone2011 (2 posts) -

Yeah, sounds cool, been looking for active players on Horizon, so I'd be grateful if you'd invite me. I'm on almost every day if not every day and I'm on for about 8-12 hours a day. I'm pretty much a total no life LOL. GT:Guidance2hel

#326 Posted by iwannabewityou (2 posts) -

I would love to join ! GT : br4man

#327 Posted by MacKenzie (2 posts) -

can i join your club i love playing this game all day every day

#328 Posted by Shorty (25 posts) -

I'd also like to join.

GT: ShortyAU

#329 Posted by Flynny5 (2 posts) -

I'd like to join

GT : I Flynny 5 I

#330 Posted by Trace (3676 posts) -

So here's what's happening with the clubs. You may have noticed absolutely no movement during the last few months. This is accurate, and here's why:

  • Other than a shared garage for multiplayer and test driving (which doesn't seem to help with the new 1000 Club challenges), the only other major benefits for the club in Horizon are the club tag and the added leaderboard competition. The benefits are less significant than in Forza 4.
  • More importantly, there was no way to easily and efficiently tell who was active. The only reasonable manner involved an annoying and time-consuming process of messaging people who weren't playing multiplayer. It wasn't viable in the long-term.

Those of you who have played Horizon recently know that the 1000 Club adds a bunch of challenges for every car. It also gives me a leaderboard and date you were last active in said challenges. That is helpful for managing a club.

Since six months have passed since Horizon's release and I'm sure a bunch of people in the clubs have moved on (and understandably so), here's what will happen:

  1. Sometime within the next couple of days, I'll boot everyone out of the club who isn't showing any 1000 Club activity, save for a few long-time Giant Bomb Forza supporters and Ryan.
  2. After doing that, I'll go through GB2 and invite all of its active users to join the main club.
  3. A few days later, I'll go through this thread and spam invites in the order of posting.
  4. People who signed up just to post a request to join will be skipped over for a few more days, since there are a fuckton of you and I don't know whether you're long-time lurkers on the site or just people searching for any club to join. Sorry about that.
  5. Should the main club fill to capacity, then GB2 will be emptied out of inactives and the process will repeat.

There's the update. Consider yourselves updated.

#331 Posted by Hellaflu5h (2 posts) -

I am so in, love this game!

Gamertag: XxswezjewbacaxX

#332 Posted by rizzohh (2 posts) -

Gt: MJR 1337 this is by far my favorite game!!! i would love to join

#333 Posted by IroN1c (617 posts) -

I'd love to join. Gamertag: fLx IroN1c

#334 Edited by Randylee2 (2 posts) -

I'm requesting to join

GT: LCjoker8925

#335 Posted by FILTHY_DOC (2 posts) -

I'm requesting to join!


#336 Edited by sebastiends (2 posts) -

Would like to join you for this. I'm an active Forza Horizon player..

my tag is: sebbii777

#337 Posted by MideonNViscera (2269 posts) -
#338 Posted by Longboarder28 (2 posts) -

Finally got the game. Would love to join.


#339 Posted by osmonaut (23 posts) -

Me too!

Dr Osmonaut

#340 Edited by JacobFromMT (39 posts) -

Just got the game and I'd love to join, thanks duders!

GT: JacobFromMT

#341 Posted by MarkHawk (97 posts) -

In the mood to join. Just picked up the season pass spin expect to play for sometime. GT: MarkHawk

#342 Posted by marleymopar92 (2 posts) -

i was looking for a decent and active car club to join and i came across this. im very interested. marleymopar92 thanks

#343 Posted by TheRealProphet7 (2 posts) -

my GT is AxisProphet. I'll be looking forward to the invite

#344 Posted by SuperSportRS (2 posts) -

I am interested in joining

GT Super Sport RS

#345 Posted by JacobStapleton (2 posts) -

Im down for this club! Gamertag: GoatOfWar4

#346 Posted by jjking700 (2 posts) -

Requesting to joing the club GT KOP Blazed King

#347 Posted by UsedPad (2 posts) -

@pseg: Gamertag: Used Pad

Looking for people to play with

#348 Posted by RageGummy (124 posts) -

@pseg gamertag RageGummy

Wouldn't mind jointing the club so I can get some games together

#349 Edited by LtZKilla (2 posts) -

I am so in if we're still doing this. GT is LtZKilla

#350 Posted by MrMuscle (496 posts) -

Just bought this on the summer sale. GT The MrMuscle

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