What cars/vehicles would be in a GiantBomb Car Pack?

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 Turn 10 and Playground Games have been associating/sponsoring their monthly car packs with websites like IGN, Jalopnik and with companies like Bondurant School of Driving and Pennzoil. I was wondering what cars/vehicles would be in a GiantBomb car pack? This is not as easy as you think be because there is so many frigging cars in Forza 3 and 4, so I guess you could put some previous DLC into DLC for Forza Horizons but that is kinda lame.

Jeff's new car is an Lexus IS 360 but it was in a car pack for Forza 4 so that might not be a great idea.  


 Pictures of Dave with a beard always give me a hippie kind of vibe so I think a VW Campervan would be a great car to have in a GB car pack.


The last vehicle that I think should be in a GB car pack is the Wiener Mobile, Why? I don't really know but I think it fits.


So what Car/Vehicles do you think should/would be in a GiantBomb car pack?

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A white car.

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Ryan has a Nissan sedan, not a Mazda...

Also, an El Camino. Because MORE EL CAMINOS.

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1. A creepy-ass Aerostar.

2. A creepy-ass Fiero.

3. A creepy-ass Firebird

4. A creepy-ass Dodge Omni.

5. Batmobile Batmobile Batmobile. Creepy-ass, of course.

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@Sparky_Buzzsaw: How did i forget about the batmobile?!?! The Aerostar would be a perfect fit for a GB car pack. 
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Jeff used to have a Nova, he said so on the quick look.

So, a Nova ass Nova.

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