Join the ETCC!!!

#1 Posted by Orgazmorater (70 posts) -

the Etcc is an online forza based racing league with professional standard races with some of the best racers in the world. Join the European Touring Car Championship [Not just european's]

#2 Posted by GalvanizedNails (552 posts) -

lol i see you have a giant bomb forza car too, check mine out, if you want some sweet cars too, check out my car catalog over in the forza 2 forums

#3 Posted by Orgazmorater (70 posts) -

ya man i made this for a race last week, pretty good race too. Ur car is pretty sweet though. this pic isnt of my final model, its basically a pre-alpha build of just my base.

#4 Posted by GalvanizedNails (552 posts) -

im no painter though, my tuning shops painter is taking care of it, but he keeps telling me the tongue on the bomb is very hard

#5 Posted by Orgazmorater (70 posts) -

its aiight, i mean im not a genious painter but i can do any picture you give me pretty much.

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