razr95's Forza Motorsport 2 (Xbox 360) review

A simulation racing game may not be what need for speed fans want

Gameplay: I have played the first forza motorsport on the original xbox and I wasn't interested in the game since its a simultion racing game and its not my taste I like more need for speed type games. So i've played this forza motorsport and I was impressed at how many cars theyre are in the game its quite surprising the amount of choices you can make all with customisation and the vinyls you can apply on your car. Another good thing is that you can sell your perfectly made car on the Auction house.The auction house is where you sell youre car to other gamers playing this game and you can make great money off that. This game has 314 races plus 40 arcade races that makes a total of 354 races in the hole game personally I think that is way too many races and the thing is In your career when you get the the last tournaments all of the races are 30 laps and more so I takes approximately a good hour to spend on each race. I mean its great to have evariety but the career has 314 races and there isnt much variety in the tracks there are about 40 tracks so I found myself playing the same race 10 times and I felt that it was repetitive I wouldve completed all 314 races if there wouldve been 314 race tracks obviously. I got to level 30 and that is as far as Im going. So for people that havent played simulation I suggest maybe renting the game first because this game may not appeal to everyone.The online mode is fun you can compete and compare stats while taking your favorite cars on track the thing is if you havent completed the arcade in exhibition and time trial It will be hard to win the races because the cars you unlock in arcade may help you a lot in Online.

Graphics The graphics are stunning all the cars look glossy and precise. The simulation in this game is really realistic so a big problem in this game is that its similar to real car driving in need for speed you will drive fast drive through corners perfectly. In forza you need to slow down and accelerate in the perfect moments and in forza the car gets damaged pretty easily so unlinke need for speed Forza motorsport is really realistic and it demands a lot of patience.

Sound Great music great sound effects all the cars sound like it should be a lot of cars and a lot of realism. Thats what ive been waiting for from a racing game a lot of cars.

Positive +

Very Realistic+

Great amount of cars+

Auction house if very useful+

Negative -

lack of variety on race tracks-

Repetitive racing-

314 races in the career is too much for the number of tracks-

Very stressful when you wipe out in the end of a race-

Overall : I recommend renting this game first to know if it really suits you and If It does and if you go trough all the 354 races you must love this game with only 40 race tracks.

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