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Forza 2 is a very challenging and addicting racer

Forza Motorsport 2 has everything a gamer could dream of all packed together into one racing game, from it's very deep career mode to it's ever popular online mode, Forza 2 stands alone!

Forza 2's gameplay is outstanding. The AI is very fun and challenging to race with, especially as you progress through the career mode, and will occasionally make mistakes like getting into eachother or driving off course. They also can be aggressive at times, by pressuring you from behind or making it hard for you to make a pass on them.

Online play in Forza 2 provides you many race options so you can "Have it your way!" Options include car class, race length, track, players, assists, collision detection, and many more! There's also two different types of online play: Online Career and Arcade. In online career you earn money for your finishing position which can then be used in single player career to purchase cars, equipement, etc. The money you earned is based off of the game settings, and the last place finisher earns no credits. In Arcade mode, you just race, and no credits are rewarded.

Forza 2's graphics are phenominal. The graphics are very detailed, showing dust and tire marks on your car, extremely realistic damage (ex. front and rear bumpers getting bent up and even falling off), and great track enviornments!

The sound effects in Forza 2 are great. They include engine reving, shifting, tires screeching, car impacts, and the sound of you car grinding through grass and sandpits! The only downside to Forza 2's sound is the game's soundtrack. It's terrible!!!

Forza 2's achievements have a wide range of difficulty, but most of them are hard to get and time consuming. Most of the easy achievements (ex. Clean race) can be unlocked after a few completed races. Most other ones require achieving something in career mode (ex. Win all races in Career Mode), auction house (ex. Buy of sell 10 cars in the auction hose), or online (ex. 1,000,000 online credits), but after playing the game a bit you'll earn them. Forza 2 has 44 achievements worth 1,000 gamerpoints.

Overall, Forza 2 is a great racer in every aspect, and everybody should give it a rent at least, even if you don't enjoy racing games

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Posted by Orgazmorater

aye, good job m8

Posted by Orgazmorater

aye, good job m8

Posted by FoxHoleDelta

Couldn't agree more.

It's been just over a year and I'm still finding myself keeping it on the top of my games pile to play whenever I get a chance.

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