orgazmorater's Forza Motorsport 2 (Xbox 360) review

Forza 2 "good sim, wit some faults"

Well let me start off by saying i love this game and I am a professional online racer with it.

So Forza is Microsoft studio's answer to grand turismo. Its an in-depth simulation racer. The game has a few perks over grand turismo. The two most obvious being Xbox LIVE and damage. The Xbox LIVE element is well implimented with the online auction house and the several tracks and modes including series races.

In a online career lobby  the credits you earn for winning or coming in a close second through 7th depend on the number of competetors and the race length. So its pretty easily hacked to earn the online 1,000,000 credits achievement. BUT for serious competetors like most of the Forza online community its a great system of online play.

The auction house is the second online implement i would like to congratulate Turn 10 on implimenting. Based on the WoW auction house users can freely put their cars on the bidding list filled with their own paint jobs and upgrades. The paint job's are what sell though, rarely will you see a manufactured car go for more than 200k.

Speaking of the paint job's The "livery editor" is the system for painting ur whip. Its based off of shaped and the ability to edit the size, shape, distortion and the ability to layer these. So painting the car is more of a puzzle than it is an actual Paint job. But I cant think of a better way to paint ur car on a console without some sort of art pen.

Now for the tracks of Forza Motorsport 2. The tracks vary just like in the Grand Turismo series from one Street Race, alot of real world tracks and a few fantasy tracks. The real world tracks although the top pick from around the world [in my opinion] fault with their numbers. Only 20-ish tracks with little variety within them. And also it is notably to state that the graphics on the track just plain suck. The only notable difference between the last installment and the current are the car graphics and the sky. OH YEAH, the same damn peice of grass popping up from italy's mugello to Laguna Seca. SAME BLADE I SWEAR TO GOD.

But graphics dont really matter for the hardcore, [which forza is taylored for] The greatest things about forza are the online mode's and the number of cars. For car lovers or pro racers this is by far the greatest racer on any console.


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