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Forza Motorsport 2 rocks!

Forza 2 was on my wishlist from the start, the first game was excellent and this one does not waver from the track. With an imposing 300+ car list, almost flawless graphics and great tunes and tracks, this game is a must own for car racing fans.

FM2 gets you right into the car racing vibe with modern day tunes hitting you at the menu screens. When you start the game, the realistic sound of the car engine roars in your ears. The cars are near real life, all 300 of them as close as a game can get to the real thing, sure the tracks and scenery aren't of the best quality but that can be forgiven by the sheer number of races/track variants/cars. This game will take you 20+ hours to finish, luckily each of the 150+ races will be different every time.

I could not give this game a 5 because that would class it along side GOW and Halo 3, but this is more than worthy of it's 4 1/2. FM2 is

the best racing game on xbox 360 to date.

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