Almost done Forza 2, should I get Forza 3 or 4?

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So my Xbox died a couple years back and haven't replaced it until about a month ago and remembered how much I loved Forza 2. I'm almost finished all the career races and wondering, should I go for the cheaper Forza 3 or should I jump into Forza 4 immediately? Is there any perks for having Forza 3 in 4?


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Depends. Are you prepared to put dozens of hours into a game that no one is playing anymore? If so, then get Forza 3. If not, get Forza 4 (like everyone else). This isn't exactly a Mass Effect sort of thing with the save game. Having a F3 save will in no way greatly impact your F4 experience.

#3 Posted by eug (17 posts) -

Haha, arguably I'm doing that now with Forza 2. And I don't really see myself playing with other dudes (silver account) so I'm basically playing the game just to try out the different cars and to make my own designs. Is there really any difference between the single player of Forza 3 and Forza 4?

#4 Posted by Falconer (1877 posts) -

Massive differences. You're still doing the same sort of events, but the way they're presented and how the AI acts are different. Also, the cars handle different from 3 to 4.

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Interesting, guess I'll save up for Forza 4. Thanks dude.

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