Already loving this game for one reason

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The tuning system. GT2-4 had for me, the best car tuning system. I heard that with Forza 2 and 3 it was pretty good, but I've been taking kind of a life break from racing sim on console games. Anyways, on the strength of Top Gear branding and car collecting, I've bought Forza 4. I already love it for one simple reason:

After buying all the upgrades and tuning my car it re-calculates basic figures like G force for me. That is amazing. I used to use small ammount of common sense + testing a car out on a track over and over in the GT games. It makes me smile knowing I can update some figures then have the game auto recalculate telling handling stats about my car.

Also my first gift car was my real life car, that's sweet.

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Ya, i was curious about this. Can you elaborate on what you can exactly tune.

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@pieman32: Looks like all the 'gearheady' type stuff. I haven't worked out how the tuning unlocks as you buy parts (this is not done quite so well as the Gran Turismo games) but all the suspeision settings you would think of (stiffness, sway bar stablitiy, height, cambers and toes), you can adjust gearing and I think with advanced brake setups you can tune all that too. Not sure if there is engine tuning to be done other than buying engine upgrades. Once your done there's a benchmark option that auto simulates your car's handling performance. You can also go right from the tuning menu to a track to test your rig, which I like too. And if you don't want to mess with that you can have your car autotuned.

Then it goes 'wawawhah ahaha wah"

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Well I do like the 'wawawhah ahaha wah" part! thnx bro

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