Anyone else having problems with LE Downloads?

#1 Posted by Evil_Alaska (329 posts) -

Anyone else having any issues with downloading any of the Limited Edition add-ons? It lets me enters the codes, registers that I have entered them, but no download starts. If I try redownloading them through the download history it does the same thing.

#2 Posted by IrrelevantJohn (1159 posts) -

I don't really have the same problem like you did but when I got my copy, I entered in 4 codes total but ended up with only 2 pieces of DLC on my hard drive. Weird thing is that I have everything in the game according from within Forza 4 marketplace.

So try re-downloading all of them one more time and check the marketplace from within Forza 4. If they show up then it's in there.

#3 Posted by Evil_Alaska (329 posts) -

@RebelOne: Yeah, I finally realized the whole 4 codes but only 2 pieces of DLC thing is the way it's suppose to be. Thanks for the reply, was pulling my hair out.

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