Can you import forza 3 save after the fact?

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#1 Posted by hxcaleb (107 posts) -

I just got Forza 4 today because I got so into 3 just this past week. I imported my save already. I'm wondering if anybody knows if you can re-import the Forza 3 save after you make more progress into the game?

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#2 Posted by j3ffro919 (277 posts) -

I don't have anything specific to cite, but I definitely remember reading something that the profile import was a one time only thing. Sorry.

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#3 Posted by NickLott (833 posts) -

Damn. My copy of Forza 3 is at a friends and I'm not sure if I have all the special cars. I'm pretty sure I have plenty of money to buy them if I don't in Forza 3.

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#4 Posted by Nat3TheGreat13 (270 posts) -

No you can't import a Forza 3 save after you start, The only way you can import the Forza 3 save again is to delete your Forza 4 save and start new.

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#5 Posted by Spankmealotus (320 posts) -

yeah just delete your forza 4 files and do it again like Nat said

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