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I haven't had a chance to join a Thursday Night Race in FM3 so I don't know if it has been discussed, but is anyone spearheading a car club in FM4? I saw that car clubs can have up to 100 members, seems like it's just begging for an "official" car club.

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Yeah, unless Jeff or someone on the staff jumps the gun, I'll be taking care of making a car club for the Giant Bomb racing community within 24 hours of Forza 4's US release date (hopefully on the morning of the 11th). I'll probably have a post up within the next week detailing how things will go, but expect things to be pretty loose, since we're not all serious business around here.

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Dammit! I want serious business! Rules! Charters! Fines! Restrictions! Guidelines! Registration! Some more things I can't current think of while they review the Giants most recent touchdown!

In all seriousness, that's great. I figured you or one of the staff would be on it, but just thought I'd ask the question in case something was already set up or being discussed.

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