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Formula Wands v3 [WAND] is a car club consisting of a circle of friends who have been playing with one another regularly since Forza 3, and we now have our own official Forza4 car club. We are a pretty level-headed group of car enthusiasts who are in turn, Forza fans. We have also created our own tournament system where over the course of an 8-week Season, the overall winners are calculated at the end of each season. For example, our previous 8 week season consisted of several back-to-back events chosen by the participants themselves, which ranged from standard circuit racing all the way to a wild multi-class truck drifting series. So, since we just wrapped up Season 2, we hope to start Formula Wands Season 3 within a couple weeks, once some new players have been recruited.

We are looking to recruit (preferably 18+ or at least adult-minded) players that are capable of committing to a weekly play schedule, which had previously been scheduled each Tuesday evening at 10:00PM (EST). If you cannot commit a 90-minute block of time to participate each week, or simply do not have the visibility into your future availability for this time, unfortunately I would encourage you to find a different car club as that window of time works for all of our existing members.

All Forza players are welcome to join our un-official Forza IRC channel which can be found on "" and the channel name is "#forza". To join our chat community, you can either download an IRC client such as mIRC ( or visit from your web browser to connect to the Gamesurge IRC network and join our channel. Note that we are still a relatively small club so far, but we hope to grow over time. So, if no one is chatting the exact moment when you join, please stick around as some of us might not always be sitting in front of their computers.

Note that we will be using the #Forza channel as a screening mechanism for those who are interested in racing with us - hoping to meet some new people! If IRC does not work, post in this thread and one of us will be in contact with you.

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There might be punch and pie....

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bumping for glorious burnouts

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