Forza Motorsport 4 - Deft Works Subaru Duel

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One thing i've always loved about the Forza series is the paint editor, I've spent many hours painting designs and making replicas I love. The amount of time some painters put in is crazy and the levels of detail they produce on the cars can be truly incredible! I follow a few really high quality Forza car painters on Facebook, 2 of my personal favourites are DAVBAT (Deft Works) and URC Fightdogg (Doggies Garage). They are both incredible painters and i decided i should work on another photo series showing off their paints as i do some races and play around with the photo editor.

The first set of photos I'm showing you all is the Subaru vs Subaru cruise on Fujimi Kaido, both painted up in great liveries by Deft Works. It features a 2008 Impreza (Original Rundace Livery) and a 2004 Impreza (Original Runduce Livery)

Both Liveries are available on the Storefront if you search for DAVBAT or Deft Works


Theres the first part in the series of car paint features I'll be doing on here, Thoughts and Feedback appreciated as always.

Big thanks to DAVBAT for producing such incredible liveries, and ChubbyWaffle2k1 for driving the 08 Subaru

Kloak Out!

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