Forza Motorsport 4 - Doggies Garage Varis Prep

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This is part 2 to my Forza Motorsport Painter Spotlights series, Featuring Doggies Garage painter URC Fightdogg.

Part 1 can be found here : or via the blog tab.

I found Fightdogg through Deft Work's Facebook page a few weeks back and contacted him straight away saying how impressive the detail and shading was on his cars. Some of the cars i drive most on Fm4 are covered in his Liveries including this 2008 Subaru WRX in the Varis livery. It features a very well produced widebody kit and carbon clad boot,roof,bonnet and bumper, the cars painted in a striking yellow and looks great racing on any track. I'm hoping to work more with Fightdogg in the future and get some multicar racing photographed with all of his liveries. But for now you can enjoy the snapshots of this great Varis WRX.

Heres a set of photos showing the WRX waiting to blast around the Motegi Circuit

This livery is available on the Storefront now if you search for Doggies Garage or URC Fightdogg


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That was part 2 of my Forza Painter Spotlight series, I'll try to upload more regularly. Thoughts and feedback appreciated as always.

Thanks to URC Fightdogg for his liveries.

Kloak Out!

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