Get faster off the line?

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Where should my revs be when the green drops? I'm either spinning out or at a dead stop and get blown by. Anybody have any tips?

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@GenghisJohn: fatter tires lower HP.
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@GenghisJohn: It's really difficult to say because of the many different cars, what type of power, weight, suspension, and what type of tires you're running in the game.

Experiment. Go into the Test Drive option and practice. Try to find the point where you get the most traction at launch and feed power accordingly.

If you find yourself in a race and you're spinning your wheels, just let go of the throttle until you find traction.

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look at the power/torque graph you get. you want to look for a spot on the band with a decent amt of hp and not too much torque. think of how the engine will be outputting as you go up the range.

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just load a track , stand still with the handbrake/clutch pulled , rev the engine , release the brake or clutch , repeat untill you nail the lauch for that particular car.

its not all about what rpm you start at , how you increase the throttle instantly afterwards without loosing traction is a big part in the launch.

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I usually let go of the throttle a little after launch, to get traction and then floor it again. But getting of the line in most RWD cars can be tricky, it takes practice, which is kind of like in the real world.

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