Giant Bomb Forza Race Night: Thursdays, 10:30 PM ET

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#1801 Posted by Grnd_Lb_Knt (179 posts) -

I might not be there tonight. I'll be installing a rebuilt alternator into my Civic. Wish me luck. There's only one time I like tight spaces and this is not it.

#1802 Posted by wrathofconn (1453 posts) -

@Grnd_Lb_Knt said:

I might not be there tonight. I'll be installing a rebuilt alternator into my Civic. Wish me luck. There's only one time I like tight spaces and this is not it.


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I'll be in my bunk.

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I know we've been a little while without much conversation in here, even during the end of the Super Series and after an astounding GB100 that turned into a GB1000. I'll take most of the blame for that, and with the hopes of not jinxing the situation, say that things might change very soon.

Provided tomorrow goes well, I think it would be safe to assume that the Hyper Series starts the week after. That's January 24th. More details will follow, but know this: It will be seven rounds of three short heat races at fast tracks, assists will be allowed, scoring will be heavily based on level of participation, and if you participated in the GB100 and don't have a Furai, you'll get one soon. Also, Sushi, peewig, Slowbird, and Wormious should feel free to request any other car they want from me at this point. They've earned it.

If tomorrow brings no significant change to the thing I'm trying not to jinx, I'll drop back twenty yards, punt, and then curl up into a fucking ball and cry*.

*not really, but fucking hell it'll be annoying

#1805 Posted by mfpantst (2574 posts) -

@PsEG: clearly you come from thr john fox school of football coaching. Its my birthday so I damn well better show up.

#1806 Edited by Trace (3581 posts) -

OK, clearly the connection issue isn't fixed, and pretty clearly I'm the source of the problem. That annoys me, because I'm depriving several of you of a good night of racing. Here's the "drop back twenty yards and punt" option I'm going to invoke until this is fixed:

Forza Race Night "Shit is Broke" Edition

  1. I will host the first race each week, to see if everyone can connect and have a stable connection.
  2. If the issue is resolved, hooray! Race Night as usual.
  3. If connection issues pop up in my lobby, such as choppy lag (Slowbird) or failed connections (Dethfish/mfpantst), then I will turn the lobby hosting duties over to Sushi or another Race Night attendee and bow out for that week.
  4. Until the connection issue is fixed, I will not be starting any championships. This means the Hyper Series and Super Series III are currently delayed indefinitely. If someone else wants to put a special event or series together, then by all means, feel free to go ahead, and if my situation resolves itself in the middle of a series, I'll gladly pick up the remainder.

I'll keep working on this situation, but there's no need for me to fuck up the fun and cause a bunch of people to depart like tonight. We'll keep this procedure in place until my connection's back to normal.

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@PsEG: Another option is to just have me and/or mfpantst back out for the week. I can't speak for mfpantst, but I'd much rather have myself leave than the person who actually runs race night.

#1808 Posted by SushiX (138 posts) -

@Dethfish: We decided PsEG would step out in the event of connection issues because we agreed the connection problem was on his end and can potentially affect 2 or more people. There are still some options left like replacing his cable modem; I've seen firsthand modems developing issues after a few years(likely due to heat and dust buildup).

I encourage everyone to rack up some miles on that Furai during the delay!

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@SushiX said:

We decided PsEG would step out in the event of connection issues because we agreed the connection problem was on his end and can potentially affect 2 or more people.

This is indeed the basic rationale of my decision. While I appreciate the willingness to back out, Dethfish, yesterday's issues affected both you and mfpantst, and restricted Falcon's ability to participate, since he's on limited time. I'd like more people to enjoy Race Night, overall, and feel that a healthy attendance is more important than who's running the majority of the show during these weeks of shaky connections.

Tomorrow, barring unexpected circumstances, I'm going to visit my Internet provider and look into options for putting a new cable modem into the household. My ideal scenario involves owning a modem, rather than using a potentially refurbished and questionable device. Today we discovered that the current modem's from 2008, and has likely been refurbished two or three times. Even if it doesn't fix the problem, removing that piece of junk from the equation for something more modern should provide some benefit, even if it's just the knowledge that the problem lies elsewhere.

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In unrelated news:


#1811 Edited by Falconer (1722 posts) -

So apparently there are new NASCAR cars this year.

Spoiler: They look the same as they did before spoilers.

#1812 Edited by slowbird (1761 posts) -

@Falconer: they look sorta less box-like now. lol

also has anyone ever heard of Batracer? if so, wanna play Batracer? if not, wanna play a racing manager/sim called Batracer?

edit: They have a classic Trans-Am series that you guys might like. JUST PLAY IT, TRUST ME.

Go to and sign up, then go to and join my custom game with the password "cheetah"

#1813 Posted by Grnd_Lb_Knt (179 posts) -

Glad there weren't any issues last night especially with that many people :P Downhill Fujimi in S was pretty fun. I need to remember to keep traction control on for the Furai.

Thanks again for the cars!!! You are the best!

#1814 Posted by slowbird (1761 posts) -

So you guys were alright? Maybe I'm the problem after all! (I fell asleep again this week.)

P.S. does anyone know about JetBlue? I think I'm going to go with them for my PAX East travel.

#1815 Posted by SushiX (138 posts) -

Top Gear is back btw. First episode featured things like a Bentley Continental on a WRC course.

#1816 Posted by Dethfish (3705 posts) -

Here's a video I made of last nights Furai race between Sushi, Wormious, mfpantst and myself. It has some music in it, but I made a car noise only version here, just in case people would rather see that. It's not a bad alternative either since those cars sound great. This was a pretty exciting race, which was a little unexpected since there were only 4 people in it. I guess the Furai makes everything better. Unfortunately Sushi isn't in the video much, but he shows up when it matters.

Final Results Pics:

#1817 Posted by SushiX (138 posts) -

@Dethfish Great vid as always, but it's weird because I should have a Taswell paintjob on my Furai, not sure why that one showed up.

#1818 Posted by beef_daddy (97 posts) -

Well guys, I haven't been online in a while due to a new position at work. In which our maintenance window runs along side of race night, I should be nearing completion of training so, barring no other changes next week I should be back!

#1819 Posted by Grnd_Lb_Knt (179 posts) -

That Furai race was great! Thanks for that amazing video.

#1820 Posted by Dethfish (3705 posts) -

@SushiX: Oh yeah, I remember that Taswell paint job. It was very nice by the way. I didn't even think twice about you having a glitched out paint though because the one that showed up for me looked like a very Sushi kind of paint job, if you know what I mean.

@Grnd_Lb_Knt said:

That Furai race was great! Thanks for that amazing video.

Yeah, no problem. I hadn't made anything in a while and I figured it was time for something new. I also have a half finished video on my computer from a few weeks ago. I might get around to finishing it later this week. Maybe.

#1821 Posted by mfpantst (2574 posts) -

Agh, at least karma paid me back for my first corner antics. But damn it's fun to put that car in top gear and make a turn way wide so you don't have to slow down. What the rest of you don't know is that was an organic uprising of Furai. One then two then three people chose the car. Then sushi chose something different but came right back with a Furai when he saw what the score was.

#1822 Posted by Dethfish (3705 posts) -

@mfpantst: You scared the hell out of me in the first corner on that 3rd lap. You went flying past me out of nowhere and you left about 3 inches in between us. You made it look like I was taking the slow lane around that corner.

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The new site is gonna take some getting used to.

#1824 Posted by mfpantst (2574 posts) -

@sushix: You're going to take some getting used to. But true. I can live with it. Sorry I'm missing you guys on a horizon race night. Legal shit.

#1825 Posted by Dethfish (3705 posts) -

How do you set background images for wiki pages? I have a couple high-res images from the super series that could work.

#1826 Edited by Falconer (1722 posts) -

@dethfish: Right now you need to have 1000 wiki points on a specific page. I hope this eventually gets changed because it's literally impossible to get 1k points on a lot of games.

#1827 Edited by Trace (3581 posts) -

@dethfish: I like the first picture (a little oversaturated, but that's fine), so I made it the background for now. I think we need a big shot to really make the background sing, though.

There's a thread on the editing board for requesting backgrounds, but if any of you see a racing game without a background and have a good image for it, upload it to the game's gallery and PM me. I'll check it out, and if I like it, I'll make the change.

Also, here's a fucking great tool for testing images as backgrounds that Chaser made.

#1828 Edited by slowbird (1761 posts) -

@falconer: That is insane! I have 334 points on this page and it really needs a background image of a bus race or something.

Also there's a bug that makes the first letter of a reply bold because the person's username is bold. Dave.

#1829 Posted by Falconer (1722 posts) -

Okay duders, my sister's car exploded. What's the least shitty car we can get for $4000. FIVE GRAND is a possible max, but unlikely? I also welcome suggestions of models to stay the fuck away from. We're either gonna go straight used, or maybe get a former rental car (apparently those are pretty okay?).

My mom already said no to a Crown Vic.

#1830 Posted by wrathofconn (1453 posts) -

@falconer: You can probably get a Passat or a Jetta for that, I've had good luck with my VW. Any Honda is also usually a good used bet. I wouldn't buy a used American car but that might just be me.

#1831 Posted by Falconer (1722 posts) -

@wrathofconn: I've heard stuff as simple as changing the oil is a pain in the ass in VW's. Any truth to this? I'd never do it myself regardless though.

#1832 Posted by wrathofconn (1453 posts) -

@falconer: As far as I know, changing the oil etc. is usually pretty standard. Other things can be weird, like on my Passat the thermostat is behind the timing case, so I'll just never be getting that fixed. But normal maintenance isn't a big pain in my experience (mine is getting close to 170k miles). I could certainly see a Honda or Toyota or something being even simpler in that area though.

#1833 Posted by slowbird (1761 posts) -

let them pick what they want and then you can point and laugh when it fails.

#1834 Posted by Trace (3581 posts) -

Race Night is not dead. In fact, tonight it was more alive than it's been in months!

One note. Let's break out the cat.

  • Panoz envy abounded, as we whipped out our Panozes and tried not to ram them into each other and bend them up. It was....liberating.

Anyways! My connection speed has not recovered, but as far as I could tell tonight, the stability was back in full. Therefore, I'm going to suggest things are returning to normal.

If this continues to be the case, then the first Race Night after PAX East, March 28th, will also be the first round of our long-delayed Hyper Series. Now would be a good time to get involved again.

More later. Keep an eye on this thread.

#1835 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (6510 posts) -

I've got some pretty dumb questiosn for you car experts out there. Is anyone familiar with the news article on the new Chevy SS being based off a Holden model? And if that's true, is there any chance we'll see the Holden brand make an appearance here in the States?

Moderator Online
#1836 Posted by Dethfish (3705 posts) -

You're all a bunch of children and you know why.

I wanted to keep up in that race and go head to head with your guys' Panoz, but all I could do is rub mine against the wall.

#1837 Edited by mfpantst (2574 posts) -

@sparky_buzzsaw: Yes it is, like the pontiac g8 gxp before it and the pontiac GTO before that. And sometimes you see crazy people re-badge their G8's or GTO's with holden badges (because they're crazy), but here stateside you're going to see Chevy, or whatever brand they think can support a true rear wheel drive muscle sedan. :)

Also- and anyone shoot me down if I'm wrong, I think based off of is not giving holden enough credit. I think they're building the model or straight up they designed the model. Anyways, you won't see holden (so sorry I don't think we get that sweet ute they have) come here to the states but you might see their models come over as other cars.

#1838 Posted by SushiX (138 posts) -

Saw this shirt today that had @slowbird on it:

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#1840 Edited by matt_wickstrom (156 posts) -

Hey guys! I recently started getting back into Forza 4, and was wondering if there was any spots available to race Thursday nights, and spots in the car club? I remember racing with you guys a while back (I don't blame you if you forgot me), but had to drop out due to conflictions with work and school. Well, I'm back now and looking to race!

GT: mjwickstrom1

#1841 Posted by Dethfish (3705 posts) -

Nope, there's no spots available. We already reach the lobby limit of 5 players every week.

#1842 Posted by wrathofconn (1453 posts) -

Yup, 100% full. Sorry.

#1843 Posted by Trace (3581 posts) -

That's code for saying "we always have room."

Because we do. Seriously.

There's one slot open in that five slot lobby every week, I swear.

#1844 Posted by mfpantst (2574 posts) -

sorry guys. Seat's taken.

#1845 Edited by slowbird (1761 posts) -

Did someone mention SEAT? Because there's lots of SEATs available.

#1846 Posted by matt_wickstrom (156 posts) -

Hey guys! I bought the remaining Forza 4 car packs today which I didn't previously own. Any cars in there I should purchase and upgrade for race nights. I previously only had car packs included in the season pass (through April Alpinestars pack?), as well as the Porsche expansion and the Dodge SRT Viper pack.

Also, I probably won't be available to race this Thursday night. It's my spring break, and I'm a bit busy getting some stuff sorted out with school for next year, among other things. I'll try to get on to race, but there's no guarantees. Regardless, I should be good to go the following Thursday (March 21). See you guys then!

#1847 Posted by mfpantst (2574 posts) -

Fuck guys. Google fucking reader. Race night is cancelled.

#1848 Edited by Dethfish (3705 posts) -

@matt_wickstrom: Get a Mazda 787B tuned. It's one of, if not the, best R1 car to use. Also, I don't think it's a DLC car, but we have Mazda Furai races all the time, so you should get one of those tuned to the top of the R2 class.

#1849 Edited by SushiX (138 posts) -

The all Furai series, aka the Hyper Series is looking to begin after PAX east is over. Interested participants should own a Furai, find sponsors(in the form of custom paintjobs), and get used to the car as much as they can.

Here is a free tune for the Furai; only needs to have gears adjusted to your liking.

Front Tire Width: 290/30R18, Rear Tire Width: 360/30R18, Wheels: Enkei RPF1

Tire Pressure: F 29.0 R 28.5

Gearing: FD 4.30 1st 2.19 2nd 1.77 3rd 1.44 4th 1.26 5th 1.10 6th 0.98

Camber: F -0.9 R -0.7

Toe: F 0.1 R 0.2

Caster: 4.7

ARB: F 6.00 R 40.00

Springs: F 283.0 R 280.0

Ride Height: F 3.1 R 3.1

Rebound: F 9.4 R 9.6

Bump: F 3.3 R 3.2

Aero: F 551 R 1,102

Braking: Balance 46% Pressure 150%

Diff: Accel 37% Decel 0%

#1850 Edited by Trace (3581 posts) -

Twelve days without a single comment in the Race Night thread? Inexcusable.

I'm still struggling to put together any lengthy coherent thoughts between coughing fits and attempting to clear my sinuses of congestion, but here's what the Hyper Series rules will be:

  • Three short heats at fast tracks, reversing the field by overall standings each time to put the winners in the back.
  • Mazda Furais in R2. Consider using a tune like Sushi's posted if you wish -- I think it's the same one I use. If you can't afford a Furai, contact me as soon as possible, and I'll get you one.
  • Scoring is based on number of participants in a heat, with the winner receiving points equal to the field size, and decreasing by one point each spot. There's also one bonus point for winning a heat. Therefore, if seven people show up, a heat winner gets eight points, second gets six points, third gets five points, and so on.
  • Any and all assists are welcome. This is not a hardcore series.
  • I haven't figured out the schedule or distances yet, but let's say we start out at...Road Atlanta, since we've tested so frequently there. I'll tack on five or six more weeks of races as we see fit.

Let's see if we can't breathe some life back into Race Night after PAX East, yeah? Meanwhile, I'm going to try and continue to clear my sinuses so that I can breathe.


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