Giant Bomb Forza Race Night: Thursdays, 10:30 PM ET

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@slowbird: Here's that thing I wanted to tell you about last night.

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@falconer: Well shit. That's pretty cool. I'm sorry for doubting you! (But I still wasn't going to let you pass.)

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Starts 4:30 in the AM in my time zone. Worst part is that it doesn't bother me at all.

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Hi-res carnage:

And that was race night

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Music volume is a little louder than intended.

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This video makes us look incompetent at Forza. I'm finally (and slowly) starting to work on some kind Hyper Series video that will hopefully showcase how super awesome we actually are, or at least show we can go a lap without rolling over.

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@dethfish: You should totally send that to Jeff and Ryan to show them just how "serious" we are.

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You guys are amazing; I want to have your collective baby.

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I love so many of the videos that come out of our races, but the slow motion shot at 1:07 in is probably my favorite of all time. Just ungodly hilarious and awesome.

It's a damn crime that only 30 people or so have seen such glorious Jeep air.

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@pseg: Agreed, I wish I had the means to easily make videos of some of our shenanigans.

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Car soccer is still haunted.

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@dethfish: Way late to the party, but that video was the bee's knees. Laughed damn near the whole way through.

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@falconer said:

Car soccer is still haunted.


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Good to see you guys are still going strong.

Question.. Forza 5, Xbox one, how many people here are gonna jump on that when it comes out?

Dead Rising 3 and GTA V already have me sold, it would be great to know some Race night action would come from it too.

<3 Fuzzy

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I think as a proper send-off of the Xbox 360, we should do some kind of special event, whether it be at our normal Race Night time, or some other day of the week, where we go through all the Forza games...we can play Forza 3 and drive on the long version Rally de Positano, and that stupid New York track, and we can play Forza 2 and the ridiculous Sidewinder track in all its variations...we could even hit Forza Horizon again for some rallying/virus tag/randomness.

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Goddamn, I wish I would've noticed this thread sooner. I love me some Forza. Are any of you planning on getting an Xbone / F5? I think having a rad community of duders to race with is about the only thing that could sway me toward getting one...

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@sushix: ok good to know, me too. If not at launch, within a few weeks.

I haven't played a driving game since selling my xbox over a year ago... gonna be fun :P

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@slowbird: I can bust out my old XBox for some Forza 1 :p

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I'm going to try real hard to have an X1 and FM5 on launch day. Need that new forza.

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@sushix: oh man I didn't even have one of those but you should go for it. Drive the FULL New York course for us.

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Hey Guys,

Remember that Panoz race from last week on Tsukuba? Remember when some (myself included) blamed the crash on @slowbird? I saved the replay to see what happened and finally got the video just right to see the important bits. Turns out the initial crash wasn't his fault.

From the video. I'm in first. Slowbird is in second. Sushi in 3rd. Hay4z in 4th. The camera is following Hay4z. Give the video a watch.

The video absolves him of some of the blame. Just something I thought was worth looking into. What a race though, huh?!?

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We all knew it was going to happen, and now we know what we're getting. Basically the same stuff as last year. *sigh* Never again will we see a Forza LE as cool as FM3, aka the best Forza.

I think the VIP thing is useless. I'd rather see the season pass tied to the LE like with Halo 4. I probably wouldn't have gotten any of H4's DLC maps if it wasn't for the LE. Also, my FM4 art book is still in the shrink wrap. Glad they didn't waste time with that this time around.

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@falconer: Yeah pretty much knew what the LE would be. I'm still on the fence though. If the XBone doesn't support my Fanatec wheel i might got get the system or game....

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@jugnutts: you should just join iRacing and use your wheel for that.

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@jugnutts: It's a new console generation. I don't know why you're expecting it to. I mean, I realize you spent money, etc etc. But logically it will never happen.

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@jugnutts: I read this part and LOLed:

"The Mad Catz Force Feedback Racing Wheel for the Xbox One should be shipping around the time Forza 5 comes out. It will probably cost a billionty-five dollars."

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So if anyone is still reading posts here, something interesting to know. Criterion is now only ~15 employees and the majority of the team left to form Ghost UK, the developers behind NFS Rivals. I don't think that's enough for me to buy a second racing game at launch, but definitely something to know for the future.

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Hey, I finally finished that hyper series video! Was the wait worth it?! No, definitely not. It's kind of long too, so if you watch it you might need like a sandwich and a beverage before embarking on the adventure. I didn't do a normal recap type video because its been so long that I can't remember any positions, laps or winners. Also, there were too many individual races for that to be fun to keep track of anyways. So instead I just kind of mushed everything together. Way easier.

I did have fun writing fake-ish driver biographies for each of the participating drivers in the style of like an old arcade racing game (e.g. Jet Moto 2) or those wcw trading cards jeff reads on UPF. I ended up not using them because I hit the description character limit on youtube (I didn't even know there was one) and because they might possibly upset some people.

I'm basically done with another jelly car video too, but I'm not really liking it. I may fix it or maybe just forget about it. I don't know.

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So will the last FM4 race night be, the 21st, or will too many people be camping out for the XONE? Mine is being delivered from Amazon on the 22nd so maybe I'll miss some of the initial frustration/hangups.

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What are your guys opinions on the FM5 special edition? Is it worth the extra $20 or not?

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@dethfish: I got it for the P1, 787B, and Veyron SS.

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@pseg @dethfish Honestly I got it for the steel case and $10 in car tokens which seem like it will buy about 6 in-game cars.

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@grnd_lb_knt: Ordered mine straight from the source. If my Surface last year was any indication, I'll hopefully get my XONE in the AM.

@dethfish: I got it because... well, I have all the others, so might as well at this point, right?

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Wow, as we've taken to the TweetZone, we've let this thread slip, haven't we? That's just as well, because in roughly two weeks, it will be locked, and a brand new Race Night thread for Forza Motorsport 5 will spring up in its wake.

We celebrate four years of wild, awesome, and straight-up dumb racing tonight. I suggest perusing this playlist if you need a reminder of just what the hell's happened since 2009. Otherwise, I hope to see many of you in the lobby at 10:30 PM EST.

Three more weeks of Forza 4.

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But seriously, Forza 5 is gonna be awesome! I can't wait.

We should also be aware that on the last race night for Forza 4 we are probably going to run into xbox live problems .

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Our final Forza 4 Race Night is about to begin, and so this thread comes to a close.

The next major thread for Giant Bomb Forza Race Night, featuring Forza Motorsport 5 and a new start time of 9:30 PM EST, will be up within the next 12 hours or so! I hope you'll join us then as we carry forward into a scary new world.

EDIT: Oh, right, we might have parting words. I'll temporarily unlock this until the new thread's back up.

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Before this gets re-locked, bye everyone! Maybe I'll see you all in 5ZA at some point down the road, until then it's been fun! Thanks for the "memories".

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It's been a heck of ride, Forza Motorsport 4 thread. We had some great times, didn't we? I'm gonna miss you buddy.

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It's been a riot watching this forum thread's videos and keeping up with all your shenanigans. I hope to join all of you one day for some Forza madness.

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SEE YOU ON XBOX ONE! (eventually)

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