Giant Bomb Forza Race Night: Thursdays, 10:30 PM ET

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 Time to get serious......about Clunker Pushing...
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haha, the bull ram would be good for clunker pushing,

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@pakx: Bingo!
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I haven't been able to play all week. Looking forward to tonight. We haven't done any Porsche-ning yet. Can we do some tonight?

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So I've gotten my Mazda from Turn 10, and I just got a 458 today. Was there anything else we were supposed to get?

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Porsche-ning? Perhaps. Perhaps! There's only one RUF that's outright available to everyone, but we'll figure something out.

Also, two quick things I want to mention for Race Night tonight, in an attempt to deal with the lobby issues that occasionally crop up.

  1. No NASCAR or oval racing tonight. Sorry.
  2. If you have one of those Fanatec wheels that has the no-credits bug, let me know immediately if you experience this issue after a race. I'm half wondering if this might also factor into some of our lobby issues.

Hopefully those aren't actually causing the stalling lobby issues, but I'm willing to test out possibilities at this point.

In addition, if you keep having connection issues, do know that Forza 4 tends to have issues when more than one person is trying to join the lobby. If you see our blurred names and hear all of us in the lobby for a short while when trying to connect, then it's almost certainly this issue! My advice is to keep trying to connect, as persistence seems to pay off in this situation.

Finally, last week's Race Notes? Going to be a part of next week's, since this site and this old computer are having some sort of issue cuing the cat, and I will NOT have race notes without a cat. The old computer part may be resolved by next week.

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@ShaggyChu said:

So I've gotten my Mazda from Turn 10, and I just got a 458 today. Was there anything else we were supposed to get?

Turn 10's said that they'll be sending out the Joss tonight/tomorrow, and that'll complete the pre-order incentive package.

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Yeah, I got another Ferrari and Mazda yesterday, which really proves that they have no record of who already got what, especially since they're sending another useless gift car to everyone who imported a save anyway. I just deleted them because there's literally nothing I can do with more locked gift cars. So I guess I'll be deleting a Joss in the coming days as well!

Also, probably can't make it tonight due to house-sitting and all of you changing your clocks for no reason.

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@wrathofconn: Uh... why are they locked?............

#260 Posted by wrathofconn (1483 posts) -

@ShaggyChu said:

@wrathofconn: Uh... why are they locked?............

The ones with the fancy paintjobs have locked designs and the Mazda shows the gift icon which means you can't auction it, so since I already have one of each car, it doesn't do me any good to have more, unless I want to sell them for 100 credits.

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@wrathofconn: You can always clear the design and repaint it, right?

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Looks like I'll be missing out on the racenight tonight, kinda busy with this elder scrolls business.

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@wrathofconn: It still makes no sense for you to delete them. That's just... dumb.

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In the case of the Mazda, it's a unicorn car, which means it can't be gifted or auctioned at all. I'd just hold onto it in case both count towards those unicorn badges/titles.

The 458 might be more of a pain, but I just made one of mine (Forza 3 import and all) AWD. Kind of a waste that could be done via setups, but eh.

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@slowbird said:

@wrathofconn: You can always clear the design and repaint it, right?

@ShaggyChu said:

@wrathofconn: It still makes no sense for you to delete them. That's just... dumb.

Yes, could clear and repaint, but that doesn't mean I need two of the same car. I don't see how that helps me, except in the case of the Mazda like Laz said.

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@PsEG: I hate loading different setups onto the same car because I always forget, so I like to have multiples of a certain car if I want to use it in different classes.

@wrathofconn: You could give one a silly paintscheme that involves trolling and witty internet memes. That's what I like to do with my extra garage cars. :P

Also, I still don't have a headset, so you guys will have at least another week of freedom from my stupid voice and awful jokes.

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@slowbird said:

witty internet memes.


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Sad day. I'll be tragically missing the next few race nights as my Xbox Live Gold ran out and I can't afford it until december rolls around. I'm kinda genuinely disappointed, but maybe that'll give me the incentive to polish off season mode.

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@XII_Sniper: keep in mind Black Friday's coming up, man. i bet you can find a Live card super cheap and only have to miss one week.

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@pakx said:

@XII_Sniper: keep in mind Black Friday's coming up, man. i bet you can find a Live card super cheap and only have to miss one week.

I wish, but Canada doesn't have black friday. Also I have about 75$ for the rest of the month and I aim to spend it on food. Gotta prioritize.

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@XII_Sniper: ah, you live in canada? give me a few days. i'll gather some 48 hour Gold trials from work and send you the codes so you can atleast still play on thursday nights.

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Oh, right, I have these notes just sitting here. How about we remember what went down in the last two weeks, eh?

Cue that damn cat.

I should have an old-timey cat for notes from two weeks ago, but I'm lazy and haven't installed Photoshop yet.
  • Reasonable turnout in the last two weeks, but it's significantly down. I blame the Holiday releases, and I sure as hell hope everyone will re-join us once Black Friday makes Forza 4 insanely cheap.


  • You might not be able to read the above. However, Jugnutts could, as he has an NDA decoder. He understood the private conversations Falcon and I were having over the dashboard preview. NDA.
  • Keval's detached wing also helped Jugnutts, for reasons I'm unable to figure out.
  • C Class is for Charlie, or alternatively, Cirque du Soleil.
  • Please don't brake early in front of a Hummer. Michael Bay will ensue, leading to NDA NDA.
  • I'm still trying to figure out the best way to make Fiats vs. Hummers work on Road America to replicate the Cat & Mouse image. Suggestions are always welcome, but I'm thinking NDA NDA NDA NDA NDA NDA might work.
  • If you need to tell me how to spell someone's name, just send me a message. DO NOT write it on the side of a CTS-V and send it to me, for crying out loud. I'm not going to have a repeat of too many CTS-Vs like back in NDA NDA, I swear!
  • Classic Clunker Pushing still rules. I'm so sad we can't have eight teams in Forza 4. It would be so amazing.
  • Sometimes when I'm tired, my logic reaches lows worthy of barely being able to understand Blue's Clues. True story.
  • Falcon was mad hungry. Get over it, man! Sometimes I haven't eaten since noon (if then) when I start up Race Night at 10:30 PM! Silly food fanboy.


  • Multi-class racing rules. Seriously, it does. R3 and F Class might be the best combination. It certainly lead to cross-track insanity on the Top Gear Test Track, which was awesome.
  • Keval will boss you around in Car Soccer. What a jerk! Also, that ball was totally in, how did we not get a goal, it was over halfway in before you booted it out
  • That was so a goal, seriously
  • I live in the Winning Dimension. (Charlie Sheen is not involved.)
  • Remember: If you hit Freq Nazty, it's OK! It's just Freq.
  • Also, there's no drafting in drag racing. It doesn't work that way! If you make a draft pass work, send me a replay!
  • PAX sez: "Fuck your fancy internet wizardry, flash drives around the neck are the most secure way to store data."
  • C Class: F'ckin' ENJOY IT.
  • I'm trying to enjoy as much Forza as I can now, because in a few years, my joints will all fuse in some horrible case of super-arthritis. True story! Maybe.

Side note: I think it was Chaser324 that suggested a community events section on Whiskey Radio earlier; at least, I'm going to assume it's him, since he's the only Chase I know on this site. That community section/calendar's something I've pushed for and wanted for some time, as I'm sure a few of you are well aware, and getting a response on that matter gets him props from me. Not that it'll affect him or anything, but his spot in the club's safe until 2012 in my book.

Next week: Thanksgiving. I doubt anyone outside of a few Canadians will attend. I'll be there, though! If we don't have enough to race on our own, we'll take to public matches. You know that nothing stops Race Night, other than that one time we all parked and quit for a special E3 Bombcast.

Thanks to all who joined us, and I'll see you next Thursday for more of the same.

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I was studying for a Physics test (boohiss) Thursday night. Unless I'm in a coma, I'll be on next week. I'll tell you guys about my sweet new Windows Phone.

#275 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

@pakx said:

@XII_Sniper: ah, you live in canada? give me a few days. i'll gather some 48 hour Gold trials from work and send you the codes so you can atleast still play on thursday nights.

Hey, that'd be pretty sweet, thanks. NOTHING STOPS THE RACE NIGHT!

#276 Posted by wrathofconn (1483 posts) -

@XII_Sniper said:

@pakx said:

@XII_Sniper: ah, you live in canada? give me a few days. i'll gather some 48 hour Gold trials from work and send you the codes so you can atleast still play on thursday nights.

Hey, that'd be pretty sweet, thanks. NOTHING STOPS THE RACE NIGHT!

I also have a 48-hour code that came with Halo CE DX, so I'll send that to you.

#277 Posted by Sparklykiss (2035 posts) -

Not sure if I'll be able to make it again this Thursday. I work Black Friday starting at midnight. I'm so excited! (I'm really not and am going crazy over this mad stupid hours. Shh...)

#278 Posted by Jugnutts (441 posts) -
#279 Posted by Falconer (1821 posts) -

@Jugnutts: *siiiiigh* You're the worst.

#280 Posted by Jugnutts (441 posts) -

@ShaggyChu: Some one is jealous!

#281 Posted by Falconer (1821 posts) -

@Jugnutts: Maybe I was referring to you being a Cornhusker. :P

#282 Posted by Grnd_Lb_Knt (201 posts) -

On that soccer goal or rather the one that wasn't. Here are two shots:

It sat still in this position until blue reversed
Touching other side of goal

It muse use the ball center. Blue may have prevented it from going in but it was very minimal interference from the replay. Very unlucky in blue's case.

I was looking at some other goals too. I wanted to upload some videos but didn't realize you could only upload one at a time. I did upload one of reds questionable goals but didn't actually get the goal. I'm new at this.

Two things though. Keval's runaway goal didn't look like an actual goal from what the server saw. It stays in front of the goal like above and hits the side of the goal like picture 2. The other goal that blue had issue with was the explosion push goal. That WAS a goal. 2 cars got ejected, there were about 4 or 5 cars in the goal, red and blue alike, and the ball got pushed up high near the goal and started clipping through cars. Maybe I'll just take some pictures.

#283 Posted by Jugnutts (441 posts) -
@ShaggyChu: It's the only team we Nebraskans have. Leave us alone!
#284 Posted by pakx (981 posts) -

see you guys on tonight!


#285 Edited by Trace (3676 posts) -

I just want to say that with this being US Thanksgiving and all, I was expecting an attendance of three people, tops. Instead, eight people showed up, some of which I'm pretty sure aren't Canadian.

This makes me happier than you can possibly imagine. Positively fucking giddy, even. While other games and holidays can diminish our turnout slightly, Race Night will not die. Confirmed.

With that said, I totally wasn't prepared to take notes this week, but I have a few things to note. CUE THE CAT.

The Race Night Cat has notes!
  • A couple newer folk returned to the fray this week. We appreciate you joining us! Hopefully my constant mutters of "yeah" or stammering as my 80 MPH brain fucks with my 45 MPH mouth didn't annoy you too much.
  • Incidentally, Redwine's voice is not annoying! Not like that other guy. Pax said this, so get mad at him if you're that guy.
  • which I mean he said Slowbird sounds like Gomer Pyle. COME AT HIM, BRO.
  • QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "I'm Indian and even I don't understand Cricket." -Keval
  • Keep the IT tag is interesting, I suppose. We need to find a way to add our own sort of twist to it.
  • ...and I still need to find a way to recreate that awesome Cat & Mouse picture with the Fiat running away from the army of Hummers.
  • Finally, if you're lost on the Top Gear test track, we can try to help...but if you speed past us going the wrong way, I'm not sure there's much we can do to help.
  • BONUS NOTE: Holy fuck does $28 Batman Arkham City go fast. :(

Thanks again to everyone for showing up. Now that I'm getting settled with this computer, I'm going to try grabbing more pictures each week. Perhaps...even a video or two. No promises!

We'll see you next week. Same time as always!

#286 Posted by Magicallystoopid (486 posts) -

Speaking of Black Friday, I went and got Forza 4 from Wal Mart. That's the good news, problem is that I won't be home for the week so I won't be able to partake in the joy of Race Night very often until around like May.

#287 Posted by Falconer (1821 posts) -

Man, I miss Forza... I ended up hanging out with friends last week. I don't have a test this Friday, so I should be on this week. If I don't have to take my Physics final I'll be there next week too. THEN WINTER BREAK. ZOMG GAMES.

#288 Posted by eXists (160 posts) -

@PsEG said:

  • BONUS NOTE: Holy fuck does $28 Batman Arkham City go fast. :(

Had to comment on this, happened to me on Thursday evening too and was as pissed as it gets :( .... BUT I got it the next evening with arguably my quickest keyboard/mouse combo ever (a la Ninja Gaiden) and got the game along with a batch of other sweet deals!

See you on Thursday!

#289 Posted by gnarlycore (90 posts) -

will try to connect this thursday....

#290 Posted by gnarlycore (90 posts) -

Fun while it lasted, until I accidentally backed out and couldn't reconnect. Can't wait to move and get a new ISP.

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Just saw mention of this in my Twitter feed and knew I had to come here and mention it. Forza released a new title update, and supposedly it's going to fix the no-credit bug with the Fanatec wheels. No mention of any connection issue fixes, but hopefully there's something in there to help with that.

Also, Turn 10 has declared that the following cars are taking unfair advantage of the PI system, and as a result they're apparently going to be wiping all their times from the leaderboards AND preventing them from setting any new records until they're fixed:

  • 1968 Dodge Dart HEMI Super Stock
  • 1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee
  • 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA Stradale
  • 1967 Dodge Coronet W023
  • 1964 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt
  • 1971 AMC Javelin-AMX
  • 1992 Lancia Delta Integrale EV0
  • 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Just a warning, if you use one of these cars regularly.

With that said, other than checking up on the car club every night, don't expect anything from me this week, including race notes. I've got an assload of studying to do, and until next Race Night, I need to be preoccupied.

#292 Posted by Magicallystoopid (486 posts) -

So I'm absolutely in love with this game now. Only real thing that bums me out is the Autovista mode. Granted it's awesome, but the variety in cars could've been WAY better. Six ferraris? Only like three from before the 90's? Boo!

Still though, very nice concept, and hearing Jeremy Clarkson throw in a Richard Hammond dig was awesome.

#293 Edited by Trace (3676 posts) -

I just won a code for the December car pack off of Brian Ekberg, and given that I won't have a whole lot of time to make use of it before I get it through the season pass, with studying and all, I figured one of you might have a use or a need for it. Honestly, that was sort of my intent, because I love you all, and Race Night needs more Fieros.

If you didn't buy the season pass and would like the chance to join the Cult of Fiero, just reply letting me know. I'll check back in a few hours, and give the code away based on the following biased priority order:

Race Night Regulars > Normal Attendees of Race Night > Club Members > Top GB Users > Me > Random users who just signed up to beg for a code

That said, right now he's still looking for people with good reasons to get the pack early on Twitter, so...maybe you should try that first.


#294 Posted by Falconer (1821 posts) -

@PsEG: Your post was pretty good, not gonna lie. I managed to nab one too with a terrible pun. Cult of Fiero +1.

#295 Edited by Magicallystoopid (486 posts) -

@PsEG: I got the game, but won't be able to get a season pack or any car packs until maybe tax return time. So I would like a pack to join this most holy of cults for Fieros.

Also, I've given you the Stig Pack for Forza 3 in the past... just saying.

Oh and I won't be on this Thursday, but I will next Thursday and the one after that. Staying at school can suck for Xbox Living when you don't have wifi on the system.

#296 Posted by Trace (3676 posts) -

@Magicallystoopid said:

Also, I've given you the Stig Pack for Forza 3 in the past... just saying.

As fair a rationale as any! The code will be in your PMbox shortly.

#297 Edited by Magicallystoopid (486 posts) -

@PsEG: Well now to complete the cycle I think I need to go get you a Steam game on the cheap. Which I shall happily do mind you.

Got Terraria? Been meaning to get that so I might as well buy for two come Christmas. (Wait macs can't play Terraria... SHAT FACK DOG RAMMIT)

#298 Posted by Trace (3676 posts) -

@Magicallystoopid: Nah, you don't owe me anything. Consider this returning the favor for the Forza 3 Ultimate codes you donated to Race Night.

#299 Posted by Grnd_Lb_Knt (201 posts) -

Tried a few cars from the Dec Pack this morning. The Suzuki, Fiero, Escort and Raptor. They all feel and sound really good. I bought a raptor to see the different options. Here are the major ones:

#300 Posted by Jugnutts (441 posts) -
@Grnd_Lb_Knt: Thats Badass! We really need a dirt track in forza.

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