Gymkhana in Forza

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Anyone checked out the videos on youtube from DomesticMango? I would drop the link here for the video but I don't want to break the youtube spam rules. If you search "Forza 4 The Gymkhana Boss" on youtube I'm sure you'll find it. What i was wondering is has anyone else around here tried any setups like this? Was curious what it would take to set a vehicle up to be that loose and smooth around the track as it was in this video. I know it must take a TON of practice to drive like that, but he makes it look smooth as silk. Wouldn't mind learning how to tune a car to be able to do that. (Granted I'd have to get better at just driving to begin with.... assists just make things too easy and fun :P)

Also, are there any guides to tuning cars out there? I'm not much of a gearhead if at all, and all the settings can make a non car person like me rather confused. I tried tuning a car at one point but things went horribly wrong somewhere and it basically turned out nearly undriveable at high speed. I know you can buy setups for cars, but I wouldn't mind learning to do it myself. Is there any resources/guides out there for such a thing?

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Don't expect too much if you try to drive like him. Aside from being a BADASS drifter in Forza 4, DomesticMango is an excellent video editor. I know he uses the best of his clips and reel them in one video. There are some video that are all in one take.

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