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So what do we think turn ten is going to do about rally mode, is it going to take the Turismo approach and have select cars(excuse my ignorance it been a while since i played gt) that you can fit rally tires or a kitchen sink approach and just let you have an all wheel drive 99 civic competing against lancers?

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I'd bet that it'd keep with the FM approach of kitchen sinking it, but they changed that with FM3. I remember the days when you could take any car to high S-class or U-class just by bolting all sorts of parts onto it. The only nonsense in FM was the engine swapping when there were engines that just cannot physically fit into the swap car.
Theoretically anyway, you can bolt rally tires onto anything. Doesn't mean the car can handle offroading. GT lets you bolt rally tires onto anything that's not a purpose-built track car or a track special edition of a standard production car, so I guess it's kinda realistic?

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There's rally now in this game?

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@FritzDude said:

There's rally now in this game?

The DiRT series basically spoiled rally for me in every other game. I'm finding that I'm not caring either, considering that GT did it so long ago (albeit poorly) and DiRT basically perfected it into a fun-to-play package while not making it unbelievable enough to be "arcadey".
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Rally hasn't been confirmed as of yet, but in a video on Gamespot, Dan Greenwalt mentioned there are "other modes he cannot discuss at this time" , so the speculation is there might be rally racing. 
PD cannot do rally to save their life, it's so poorly implemented compared to greater games like Colin McRae and the Dirt series, although if there is one in F4, I am curious to see how T10 handles it.

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Has there been any word on the Rally mode? I love Rally games and would like to see Turn 10's attempt at it.

#7 Posted by gnarlycore (86 posts) -

None of the reviews I've read have mentioned it. I would doubt it.

#8 Posted by chadpro (5 posts) -

Turning a racing sim into a rally game? HA, That would turn forza into the most ridiculous franchise ever. But if it succeeds, they might actually earn some big cash.

#9 Posted by Bouke (1402 posts) -

I hope there is no rally in Forza 4, if i want to race cars in the dirt, i'll buy Dirt 3. Gran Turismo games have had rally for years and it always feels kind of half ass'ed, i would've rather Turn 10 put its resources into other things like weather changes.

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the closest thing to rally that fm4 has is point to point tarmac races... there are no dirt tracks in the game.

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