So how bout that force feedback wheel?

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So Forza 4 is about a month away and I can't wait to get it. But finding a good force feedback wheel is a little tricky to find for the 360. Madcatz is releasing a wheel that seems like it'll be good but their has to be a somewhat cheaper alternative. Logitech has a great option, The Driving Force GT, that was around 150 bucks at release and boggles my mind that their isn't a similar wheel for 360. Also, I know their are a ton of non FFB wheels out there but those are just a complete joke. Has anyone heard any information on the cheaper wheel Turn 10 and Fanatec are working on, or possibly anything else?

#2 Posted by Devil240Z (3860 posts) -

I'm not gonna bother with wheels anymore until I own my own house.

#3 Posted by chrismafuchris (1154 posts) -

If they can make a FFb wheel that will allow you to feel the way you would feel if you were driving and can be used cross platform, my complaints would be silenced.

#4 Posted by FourWude (2274 posts) -


It's all about this.

#5 Posted by narikki (19 posts) -

fanatec wheels are cross platform, and im sure others are as well

well the way ffb works, it wont ever feel that way until they design games differently. but in saying that some games these days make it feel pretty realistic

#6 Posted by grayfox1210 (203 posts) -

@chrismafuchris said:

If they can make a FFb wheel that will allow you to feel the way you would feel if you were driving and can be used cross platform, my complaints would be silenced.


#7 Posted by cbk486 (219 posts) -

If this has the necessary windows drivers, I'd look into getting one.

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@grayfox1210: The CSR wheel by Fanatec was put on their website earlier this week. It's $250, and works for all three platforms, so not really an inexpensive option. I got a GT2 wheel from them last week which is awesome (not complaining about the timing, I'd rather have the GT2 over the CSR), but the new wheel is supposed to be shipped by October 15th, and from what I've read they've had problems hitting deadlines in the past.

Either way, Fanatec is definitely not a cheap option, but it's a very good one. The search for the decently priced, and decently quality level wheel for the 360 continues.

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Yeah I saw that earlier this morning. I was hoping it would be under the $200 range but I guess that will have to do. It would be quite ironic playing with a Porsche wheel while playing Forza 4.

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If I were to buy a wheel, I would buy a Madcatz one. Their TE sticks are of very good quality, and I'm very pleased with them. They are on par with the HORI equivalent, which is a huge accomplishment. If this wheel is of the same level of quality as their TE stick, then it's a no-brainer.

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Yeah I'm definitely going for the Madcatz one. The Fanatec wheel is 250 WITHOUT pedals. That's just pants on head retarded to me.

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@grayfox1210: You're getting an extremely high-quality wheel for that price, and it allows you to select from several different types of pedals. I guess if you're just playing Forza then it's impractical, but someone who buys a Fanatec wheel isn't just going to use it for Forza.

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@slowbird: I just mainly need a wheel for the 360. I'm quite happy with my Driving Force GT. Maybe sometime in the future I'll grab a Fanatec when I want to deal with a clutch and an actual 5 speed shifter. That Madcatz one is just too hard to pass up.

#14 Posted by slowbird (1830 posts) -

@grayfox1210: Yeah, hopefully it's pretty good. They seem to make much better products than they used to. I just refuse to let go of my childhood memories of Madcatz being shit. :P

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What happens when a Fanatec breaks? How much of a pain in the ass is it? Want to get one, but I hate my current wheel (Microsoft whel). Would hate to invest all that money just to figure out I hate driving with a FFB wheel.

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