So I Spent A Few Hours With Forza Motorsport 4...

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#101 Posted by shadystx (188 posts) -

@goudaj said:

@Sweep said:

They had a booth with this game set up at Eurogamer and it had been shoved in the corner and seemed to be largely ignored by most of the people there. I walked past it several times over the course of the two days I was there and there was always a console free and no queue to play. Seems weird considering the level of hype for this game. Maybe the marketing just hasn't kicked in properly yet?

Europe/UK is Gran Turismo territory.

Europe and UK are more Sony territory than GT, If Forza was on PS3 it would sell similar to GT, But in the U.K 360 has been the best selling console this year, IMO Forza is the better racing sim and I am a huge fan of GT but I am a fan of cars also and Forza 3 was just a better racing game IMO of course.

A lot of my friends were waiting on GT5 and while waiting they played Forza but were expecting GT5 to come out and be amazing like I was and while it was a good game we all realised forza 3 was better and so that became the main racing title we play, Of course this is just a tiny fraction of gamers but from my experience Forza is quickly being recognized as the best racing sim on consoles in the U.K.

#102 Posted by blurienh (139 posts) -

@BasketSnake said:

If only I could use my driving force GT on the xbox.


#103 Posted by beard_of_zeus (1764 posts) -

I really loved Forza 3, but didn't play a ton of it for some reason. I should fix that issue sometime soon.

#104 Posted by Devildoll (982 posts) -

@Devil240Z: as long as you dont use opponents for brakes , im sure no one will mind. ;)

@PsEG: a club filter for the leaderboard would be pretty awesome too.

#105 Posted by Tondo (174 posts) -

Looks and sounds great, but I still think theres just too few tracks in Forza.. It seems they did not add that many new tracks and Im afraid the game gets old too fast because of the lack of variety. Still getting the game day 1.

#106 Posted by MachoFantastico (5924 posts) -

There are things I love about Forza, but the actual racing just doesn't do much for me. Same can be said for Gran Turismo, though Forza is a much better package then GT. Still, I'll probably end up picking it up.

#107 Posted by ballblaster (89 posts) -
I think it was Jeff's point that this isn't the finished build and that he only had a couple hours.  Just because he didn't mention anything about the number of tracks doesn't mean there won't be more than Forza 4.  In fact its a little silly to think there wouldn't be.
#108 Posted by jamesisaacs (228 posts) -

I might buy this game.

#109 Posted by Aaron_G (1681 posts) -

I used to be way into car sims, but in like the last 5 years I haven't touched a single one.

#110 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

cool, it sounds like the good game, like 3.

#111 Posted by MeatSim (11080 posts) -

I have a sudden urge for some Pringles now.

#112 Posted by SleepyDoughnut (1269 posts) -

@Meatsim said:

I have a sudden urge for some Pringles now.

Totally me too.

#113 Posted by Example1013 (4855 posts) -

@SleepyDoughnut said:

@Meatsim said:

I have a sudden urge for some Pringles now.

Totally me too.

The system works.

#114 Posted by Swoxx (3028 posts) -

yaay, Jeff article <3

#115 Posted by sp00nsie (22 posts) -

I love Jeremy Clarkson! Buying the game just for that.

#116 Posted by dvorak (1510 posts) -

It looks great, but just imagine what the Forza series could look like if the system had more than 512MB RAM.

#117 Posted by MyNiceIceLife (676 posts) -

Forza 3 was kinda disappointing to me after Forza 2 for some reason. Probably because I got a lot of the bonus cars right away that messed the career up. But after seeing the first part of the intro with Jeremy Clarkson, I went a pre-ordered the collector's edition. This time I won't get the pre-order cars in game right away :)

#118 Posted by Bad_Haggis (38 posts) -

I'd be willing to bet Forza 4 is still using some of same proportionally incorrect models from Forza 1.

They did it in Forza 3.

Hell, I'd be willing to bet you still can't paint the bumper on the Civic.

If there's anything Turn 10 should be raked over the coals for, it's recycling the same old over and over and slapping a new number on it and sending it out the door.

#119 Posted by freqnazty (14 posts) -

Cool article can't wait for the game.

#120 Posted by darkjester74 (1625 posts) -

Write more articles Jeff! =D

#121 Posted by McMatt (5 posts) -

@avidwriter said:

It looks good but after a game like Driver SF, does just driving around a track for laps do it for anyone anymore?

very interesting point. games like need for speed and burnout dodged the idea of straight laps perse. i guess this is really to challenge Sony with its Gran Turismo series anymore.

#122 Posted by JimmySuperfly2 (5 posts) -

Does Dubstep improve game-play quality like in Trackmania?

#123 Posted by Lucky26 (4 posts) -

Wondering how big of a difference the new set of wheels make when playing....

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